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12/23/2015 Lugz boots came with defective shoe laces
boots came with defective shoe laces. would not send replacement pair.. total BS first and last pair I ever buy ..LUGZ ARE""THUGS!

mark Read More
2/24/2015 Lugz - piss poor customer service. no priority on people
piss poor customer service. no priority on people at all!

Marv Read More
12/23/2013 Lugz Customer Service Sucks Big Time!
Customer service SUCKS BIG TIME !!!!......unable to get through to ANYBODY !!!!.....sent emails.....left messages on their answering machine....and still NO REPLY NO RESPONSE !!!!....its so damn difficult just to get a tracking # its ridiculous....all I got is my confirmation # and another 10% discount...?? starting to regret this purchase....first and last time I order anything from lugz on- line....i should of just went to a store and bought a pair...less headaches...i got no fingernails left !!.... What a way to end the year.

guilty j Read More
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