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Lyft has transformed the transportation business with their app and a network of drivers.

LYFT Corporate
548 Market Street Suite 68514
San Francisco, CA 94104
Corporate Phone: 1-855-946-7433

Phone Number

1-855-865-9553Call for Safety Related Issues - Use Online For Other


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5/31/2017 Lyft Ride is a joke. First off they accept
Lyft Ride is a joke. First off they accept fraudulent credit cards. I know, because someone used my card twice with no questions asked. In fact, the first 2 uses were called in to my card holding bank and disputed, and I won both ( since I never made the charges ). Bank issued me new card, and before I even got the card in mail...same idiot charged another Lyft Ride in amount of over $158 ... so HOW could Lyft Ride okay this charge yet again? So the disputes go on and I find it impossible to call Lyft Ride to make them stop letting people use my credit card. One sorry company I tell you! And they hide behind apps, emails, and smelly cubicles in tiny offices evidently.

Lee HendersonRead More
5/18/2017 I use Lyft on a regular basis. Lately I have not
I use Lyft on a regular basis. Lately I have not received the comment text for me to rate the driver.

I stopped using Uber because I prefer Lyft! You're doing a great job.

However, some drivers hygiene leaves a lot to be desired. This morning the driver hadn't brushed his teeth and his bad breath permeated the entire car! I feel sick to my stomach!

This is not the first time I experienced this.

KRead More
5/9/2017 LYFT - This is laughable, the person who whines about $13
This is laughable, the person who whines about $13 fare versus $5.70 - take a cab if you're unhappy with Lyft or Uber. And the girl who complained that the driver that keeps canceling, stop ordering LyftLine. No driver likes LyftLine or UberPool, so the driver has to accept "Line or Pool" so that the acceptance rate is high. Order the regular Lyft or UberX, and tip the driver. If you are a regular rider, especially at around 5:30am, the driver will remember if you don't tip. I blocked two people already in which I drove 20-minutes only to bring them around the corner, and not once did they tip when I drove them on multiple occasions. Value your driver, especially if you want us to stay around and want the convenience of an affordable fare. On Easter Sunday 2017, all customers I picked up were so grateful that I got them because they were waiting close to 60-minutes for a Lyft or Uber, and because half of the drivers took the day off, that made the drivers scarce. One rider quipped, "Are the drivers on strike?" I said, "No, sir, it's Easter and if the drivers did go on strike, this is how it would feel, so tip your driver, even if it's $2 - give something. These low cost rides are angering the drivers every day." A $5.70 ride is not going to help the driver toward the car insurance, car payment, car maintenance, and constant oil changes for high mileage driving. And the person whining about $13 to the airport, the cabs have flat rate of $50. That's the true fare, even if it's a short distance. There are plenty of things that I do to accommodate the customer, but if it's a short trip and a low fare with no tip, they are blocked. If other drivers so the same, that customer will go on one day and see about 8 to 9 available drivers and wonder why the request isn't being accepted, especially if all of those 8 or 9 drivers blocked the same rider due to short trip and no tip.

Janet Amaury NickersonRead More
5/8/2017 I'M a driver here in central Florida...LYFT is the
I'M a driver here in central Florida...LYFT is the lowest form of a company there is...I took a customer a total of 27 miles and the "APP" went off so I didn't get paid...needless to say...I QUIT!!...I tried, ALL day to get driver support...I NEVER GOT phone numbers and if you send a email or text...You get a "ROBOT ANSWER", and no help...So I'll have to take my loss and hope someone sees this and what I wrote on Facebook and doesn't get their hopes up to their advertisment saying "earn $1500 a week" as it's absoulty HORSESHIT!!!

JerryRead More
4/29/2017 LYFT - (san jose ca. - pepboys auto
(san jose ca. - pepboys auto inspection/orientation site) -- )am applying for driver position....arrived minutes after set appointment schedule.....sat waiting 20 minutes as small talk & housekeeping conversation took place....finally 20 minutes after scheduled appointment, was told - we should arrive 10-15 minutes early....rescheduled for sat 12pm - 7pm got a text - saying i needed to fill out an application??? prior to returning for an inspection....

the staff seemed to have power to reject or accept prospects on face value.....treating (2) of US as discards prior to any recognition what so ever....

am still interested - called (2) different phone numbers - left messages - no you only have (1) location in san jose for (inspection/orientation....wasn't clear on group prking - arriving early - park on streets -&O rush to take place in inspection line with other cars parked on street????
any help would be appreciated...
---- 12pm saturday ??? don't know if headquarters is open on saturdays??

(bilal)Read More
4/28/2017 LYFT - my account is many time pending so I can't drive
my account is many time pending so I can't drive

alemuRead More
4/12/2017 LYFT - I was concerned about the comments claiming that
I was concerned about the comments claiming that service was poor. I hope these concerns are address. I live in St. Clair, MI. I am unable to drive. I would like to see this service provided in my area in the future.

Amy UdellRead More
4/12/2017 LYFT - Absolutely horrible ! They deserve to be sued!!!!
Absolutely horrible ! They deserve to be sued!!!! Drivers are INDEPENDENT contractors , FORCED to take trips at Lyft convenience violating our constitutional rights ??!! This business has to be reviewed and stopped their illegalites!!

GRead More
4/10/2017 Does not even warrant one star. Lyft does not
Does not even warrant one star. Lyft does not believe in customer service! I was to take Lyft to the Lauderdale airport, all of about 2 miles. They switched out the original driver and sent me another without confirming with me. The driver spoke NO ENGLISH, seriously! The trip that should have been 7 minutes and 2 miles, turned into a 35 minute and 16 mile nightmare. The driver only would rely on GPS, made several wrong turns, and would not listen to anything I said. Then I get billed $18 for this fiasco!! Of course there have been NO responses from Lyft despite several emails. So now I am refusing the charge on my Amex and will rely on Uber.

StanRead More
3/28/2017 My daughter rode with Lyft on March 26 in North
My daughter rode with Lyft on March 26 in North Miami, FL. Today is March 28th. She left her iphone in the driver's vehicle. She has contacted Lyft in the past 36 hours at least a dozen times to inform of the issue, and they refused to call the driver, stating nonsense about company policy. She contacted me to get involved, which I did and have phoned them about 6 times myself. They finally tried calling the driver, texting him, emailing him, and for the past 36 hours the driver refuses to respond.

Lyft defends themselves by stating the drivers are independent contractors (basically telling us that Lyft bears no responsibility in the matter). Their customer service is extremely poor and of course everyone apologizes but cannot get any help, and I'm sure the driver will be working for them again shortly.

ShawnRead More
3/15/2017 LYFT - Absolutely horrible customer service. Says to use
Absolutely horrible customer service. Says to use Lyft.Help.Com and site is down. Cannot get hold of anyone because phone is only for emergencies. I was charged $13.40 for return trip from same place that cost $5.70 earlier about same distance and time. Was no warning just showed up with almost triple charge. If this cannot be fixed will use only Uber from now on since no surprise charges. If Lyft help site stays down, will just try to del my account. Really not work the pain to use this service. Buyer beware.

JimmyRead More
3/13/2017 We have charges on our bank statement for lyft
We have charges on our bank statement for lyft ride we have never used this site and do not know anything about it we want a refund for the charges on our bank statement there is about 15 charges for Newport Ky. What do we need to do to get this taken care of .

GregoryRead More
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