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11/24/2016 Lyman Products - Poor customer service at best.
Lyman Products - Poor customer service at best.
No help, and the telephone rep recommended that I return the product to where I purchased it from.
I advised that rep regarding the ornage card included with the product, which request that one contact Lyman, rather than return the product to shipper.
Talk about a ZERO for Lyman's customer service.
Had I known, I would have bought another brand product.

~Steele Bronson

Steele Read More
3/28/2014 Lyman Products - contrary to some of the comments that I have read
contrary to some of the comments that I have read on the web about your customer service, I just experienced a great service session with your customer service department via telephone.

Your Tech is knowledgeable, personable, pleasant and a compliment to your organization. My thanks to you and your representative.

Arthur R. chevrette

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