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7/30/2014 Lysol - I have used your products for years and you must
I have used your products for years and you must have changed something with the fragrance of your lemon scented wipes, they now smell like mice.

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3/11/2014 We love Lysol spray - But does it kill mites on carpet?
We, my daughter and I, love LYSOL SPRAY. WE HAVE A CAN IN EACH ROOM OF OUR HOUSE AND IN BOTH OUR CARS. We love the scents and we believe that it helps to keep our home germ free as much as possible.
We have three dogs that live in our house with us.
During Christmas my daughter heled take care of a litter of puppies and contracted MANGE, Scabies from one of the puppies.
It then passed to me and then our three dogs.
Our dogs have been to the vet and though very costly, are recovering.
So, I have a question. Does
Lysol spray kill mange mites on mattresses and carpet and other household areas? We have been told it does but are not really sure. We are having a Difficult time getting rid of these mites on us. We have been to the doctors and their prescriptions did not work. We, however, think we are getting reinfested because of the mattress and chairs. We spray EVERYTHING.
Will LYSOL HELP US OUT? Have been dealing with this since December.
Susie Bishop

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