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4/4/2011 Macaroni Grill - My family (party of 5 adults & 2 children) were in
My family (party of 5 adults & 2 children) were in your Augusta,Ga. store March 23,2011 to celebrate 3 birthdays. If it had been our first vist, we would make a return visit.
First it was a weekday evening @ 6:30 pm. We had three different servers. One greeted us to let us know someone else would be serving us, then that person came, then lastly a third server came (chewing gum). He never stopped chewing the entire meal. We aked for a bottle of Beringer White Zinfandel, which they did not have. We ordered the house wine which the server recommended. We asked for a second bottle of wine, about 15 minutes later we were told they had no reiesling wine chilled. They could chill one in about 15 minutes. After waitng so long for service, we just declined the wine, the server (still chewing gum) gave us our check, we paid & left. This is only part the story. The service was awful. We did have two desserts & were sang to, which was very nice! Maybe next time we can get more wine & a server that's not chewing gum & will keep our glasses full!!

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