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Description is one of the largest online retailers of clothing, jewelery, handbags, and accessories, in the US. USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
685 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-289-6229
Email Address: [email protected]

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1-800-289-6229 Review Needed Please Comment


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1/22/2016 - Well, I just took matters into my own hands and
Well, I just took matters into my own hands and logged a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General. If you can't get Macy's directly, maybe they will listen to the authorities.

milllg Read More
1/4/2016 - Impossible to reach a live person at Macy's customer service
I have been trying to get through to a LIVE person. Impossible. I have been billed for a late payment which is incorrect and cannot reach any one. Frustrating to say the least. I am tempted to cut ties with the store.
Impossible to reach a live person.

Barbara Read More
12/29/2015 - What an exercise in frustration - trying to talk to someone at Macy's
What an exercise in frustration!!!!! Just trying to talk to someone at MACYS! about my account! There is NO OPTION THAT ALLOWS YOU TO SPEAK TO AN OPERATOR - B R U T A L. I'm from Canada. Got my bill Dec. 24 saying it was due Dec 26 - REALLY! So, on the 27th of Dec I drove across the border to Pay my bill at Bellis Fair in Bellingham, luckily I live close by. So now I have a $27 late fee on a $31 bill! How ridiculous is that?! Not sure what's happening to Macy's but it has really been going downhill. this was my favourite store to shop but unfortunately not anymore! Smarten up Macy's - I've been on the phone for 1/2 hour trying to speak to SOMEONE! Very BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Leslie Read More
7/7/2015 - My mom had passed away and I wanted to cancel her
My mom had passed away and I wanted to cancel her credit card. I have to wait up to 72 hours for a specialist to call me at home or fax a copy of her death certificate in order for them to cancel card. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life.

paul Read More
1/6/2015 - -000 i placed an order on line and they sent my
-000 i placed an order on line and they sent my receit long with the totally og boot.can thyrea?? trcallig o fiingti rolem,nothing lso sen a ceaper air of bot thenhe oes irdered and charge r!!!!!

becky Read More
12/23/2014 - Macy's made an e-mail commitment to deliver an
Macy's made an e-mail commitment to deliver an on-line order by Christmas 2014 and did not deliver. And then later to be informed that the shipment won't arrive until Decemer 29,2014. it's not fun giving your family their Christmas gifts on December 29,2014. Bah on Macy's and their customer sevrice agents who have no idea what customer service means.

chris Read More
12/3/2012 - Did you Receive My Letter of Complaints about Macys? 12.05.12
Want to know if you received my letter of complaints last Thursday?

Linda Read More
11/30/2012 - Countryside Mall Macy's Review: 11.29.12
My husband and I were at countryside Mall Macy's at Clearwater, Florida around 1900, Eastern Time tonight. I love shopping there because of more choices for my husband and our 3 boys, especially for the coming Christmas. We were looking at the shorts for men that has the sign,$14.99. We are so used to checking prices no matter when it says a certain amount. We were surprised to see one that $60.00 and another one $50.00. I tried to go to one counter where I saw a guy helping somebody, but he was no longer there. When we were looking further, I saw a guys wearing all black and asked if he could help us, asking why the other pants are different prices? His name later, I found out was Lenny. He said somebody must have put it in the wrong rack. I told him there's more than one and he turned around and said he is going to look for somebody that could help us. Came Ryan, who when we asked took the sign down and said " this is wrong." when we said how could it be? Not 5 or 6 person will put the pants( shorts) in the wrong place. We asked if we could talk to somebody, he called Dcynthia, who he said is the floor supervisor. That lady didn't say any thing when Ryan was telling her about our complaint. I got irritated and ask my husband for us to leave. I was so mad that my husband said after a few minutes that we should talk to somebody because they should honor that sign, which Ryan took down. We went back and we asked for their names and Ryan said Dcynthia will get the manager. Now comes Ingrid, the manager. She said "I will honor the price, which one do you want?" when I said we will look at the sizes, she said she will only give one shorts for that price. We were holding 4 at the time, one for my husband and the others for my 3 sons, when we saw Lenny and Ryan. It's very intimidating and wrong. I've been going to Macy's since it was still Maas Brothers. I hold an elite card, we shop only at Macy's whenever we go. What went wrong there?

Linda Read More
10/17/2012 - I am desperately trying to contact someone at
I am desperately trying to contact someone at macy's regarding an order placed online. I CANT get a live person on the line to save my life....absolutely ridiculous! I will never never ever order something from macy' again!!!!

Kathy Read More
9/30/2012 - I like shopping at Macy's but here I am trying to
I like shopping at Macy's but here I am trying to pay my bill on line and to ask a question and the phone # they gave is useless.I am disappointed in your service.

jilie Read More
9/3/2012 - You can actually speak with a person if you try
You can actually speak with a person if you try many different options on the automated call, you will eventually get the option to speak with someone. Press 1, then 6, then 3. ( then press 1 to participate in the survey and tell them how you feel) Having said that, seriously, why does the company not put there number anywhere on their website? I called an actual store and was told Macy' doesn't want people to get a hold of them on the phone? What kind of customer service is this???!! None if you ask me. I will never shop through Macy' again. What a crock!

sarah Read More
8/28/2012 - It is unbelievable that a company as large as
It is unbelievable that a company as large as Macy's lacks such fundamental courtesy in making it almost impossible to reach a live person with the toll free # above...I shop alot on and occasionally need to contact someone's as if they DO NOT want people calling! I finally got through to speak with someone yesterday but was told that the computer system was down and that they would get back to me the same day....well, you guessed it...they never did...all I want is a PROMO code applied to my order but God forbid you try to make changes past an hour after you have placed your order!!!! They make it REEEEEAl difficult!!!! Shame on you Macy's!!!!!

Maria Read More
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