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7/6/2016 Magnavox - Called customer service three times they gave me
Called customer service three times they gave me different number every time all wrong very bad service.will not buy thieir products again .

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8/5/2014 Magnavox - I bought a new dvd player and the remote will not
I bought a new dvd player and the remote will not work to use it. Took back to store and was told the warranty was already out. Now what do I do.

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6/3/2014 I had a older Magnavox dvd-vcr player recorder, I
I had a older Magnavox dvd-vcr player recorder, I recorded several dvd`s, now I cannot find a dvd player that will play my dvd`s can you steer me to a player that will play my homemaid dvd`s?

denny Read More
1/7/2014 No one to answer the phone at Magnavox
No one to answer the phone so can't get an answer to my question does a magnavox have a reset button. Anyone know Daphne

Daphne Read More
12/19/2013 I certainly can't get ahold of any Magnavox staff
I certainly can't get ahold of any Magnavox staff to address a product that doesn't work. Where are they?

Gale Read More
5/20/2013 BEWARE!!!!Poor Warranty!! Purchased a 32" Magnavox
BEWARE!!!!Poor Warranty!! Purchased a 32" Magnavox TV/DVD in June of 2012. TV has no picture or sound as of March 2013. Paid $75 to have TV sent back to be repaired or replaced. TV is being shipped back as I write, called customer care today to find out what was wrong with TV. They would give me no answers,they did not know the TV was in shipment,knew nothing about repairs, said I would know if the TV was a replacement, refurbished TV when I looked at the serial numbers. Had no idea when I purchased a Magnavox TV, if there were issues, parts or TV replacement, if needed, would all be refurbished parts or TV. We purchased a NEW TV not a refurbished TV. It seems my Magnovox TV was made by Funai Corporation???? Customer service located in Japan.......I guess we should have ask more questions or taken the Owner's Manual out of the box before we purchased the Magnavox/Funai??? TV...Magnovox TV'S are manufactured by several different companies.
BEWARE................Think twice before purchasing Magnovox

SUNNY Read More
2/12/2013 Magnavox - Who on this board would be interested in starting
Who on this board would be interested in starting a class action Law suit? I had the same problems 32" magnavox they sent me the repaired it had the same probs the minute I plugged it in. Here I am with a refurb after 3 tv's and it is not not working.

Becky Read More
1/30/2013 Magnavox - After paying $70 and waiting almost six weeks for
After paying $70 and waiting almost six weeks for a replacement for my defective 32 inch Magnavox TV the replacement finally arrived, received a refurbished TV that had the same problem as the one I sent back, it would not turn on. I almost seemed that they just resent the one I returned. Called customer service and explained the situation. Their response was to say they would send another one after this one was returned, not happy with that I asked to speak to a supervisor. I requested that they send a replacement out and pick up the defective replacement. Not unreasonable request for any quality company. Wrong, not quality customer service. The rep. i spoke to was very nice but said all he could do is try to speed up the turn around time. Don't feel to confident about that since the supervisor does not seem to have authority to make decisions. Don't know where he was located but our connection was very poor and he kept cutting out. Will not be buying any more products made by magnavox or Funai.

Rose Read More
10/26/2012 Magnavox - Less than a year ago I purchased a combination
Less than a year ago I purchased a combination VHS/DVD player/recorder from Magnavox. First of all after waiting approximately half an hour to talk with someone, that someone was very rude. Her whole attitude was one of condescension. At any rate I was told to fax the invoice which I got from Amazon. Amazon informed me the exact date I received it. I know from the date on the invoice the date it was order. There was a difference of almost three weeks. But this "know it all" person told me my warranty started from the date it was ordered. Any person with half a brain knows that cannot possibly be true since the person ordering has no control when something is shipped or received. At any rate it was still in warranty. After boxing the first back up, yesterday I received another product. This one was refurbished. I did not buy a refurbished one--but that's what I got. Anyway, I got it all plugged in and guess what?--this fine refurbished product does not work on the VHS side. I always thought Magnavox was a decent product. Never had trouble with them in the past. This is the last time I will ever purchase another Magnavox product again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Read More
7/21/2012 I recently purchased a 32" hdtv magnavox, the
I recently purchased a 32" hdtv magnavox, the remote control quit working after one month. I followed all of the instructions to make sure it was a defective remote and not the TV. Called the customer service hotline for a replacement. after waiting on hold for over one hour I was finally connected to and operator who took all of my info and then proceeded to transfer me to another department. after being on hold for another 30 minutes another person came on the line. This operator was not well trained, after asking me a question she would put me on hold for a few minutes and come back on the line and ask another question each time putting me on hold. I explained to her that I tested the remote using the instruction in the manual and the remote was not working. She asked what test I did and I told her what I had done. She stated that I would have to perform the test while she was on the line or they would not replace the remote.. By this time I am very annoyed. Now the test involves using a digital camera, pointing the remote at the camera and if there is no light reflection the remote is broken, so to appease her I performed the test while she was online. Since I had already stated that I performed the test and the fact that she was on the phone and could not observe what I was doing" the test" had little meaning. Does this company not allow their representatives to think for themselves. I have never had a company treat me with so little respect when I followed their own manual instructions in addition to waiting on hold for 90 minutes . This lack of quality customer service it will greatly influence my future choice when I buy another electronic device.

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3/21/2012 Magnavox - i have a converter box and no way to turn it on. i
i have a converter box and no way to turn it on. i called customer service and they give me the run around and tell me if i want a remote i have to purchase one. I have a tornado touch down about 3 miles from my home a few hours ago and didnt even no it cuz my tv has no channels without this converter which dont work without a remote. What kind of crap is that? We live in electronic everything and what brainiache come up with no on or off button when it comes to this? I am very unsatisfied with phillip/magnavox and will not ever purchase another product and will blog and repeat the bad customer service and not stop until this is made corrected and i am satified. I have a full time job now my fire has been charged and I am more then angry.

dpoptart Read More
3/8/2012 I just want to let someone know that my Magnavox
I just want to let someone know that my Magnavox tv from 1986 has just died. It went thru four moves and held up all this time. It was a gift given to me and my husband for our anniversary. Just goes to show how well things were made 26 years ago. I don't think anything lasts that long anymore.

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