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9/29/2015 Maidenform - If 7 out of 10 women get breast cancer. Research
If 7 out of 10 women get breast cancer. Research shows that the continual growth of radio waves in the air are being attracted to the metal wires in the bras. Why aren't the metal wires replaced with plastic ones from the manufacturer? I prefer the wireless, but they are not as cute. However, after seeing my mom go through 6 chemo treatments. Approx. 4.5 hours each treatment and still needing radiation. Also knowing her one cancer curing treatment drug also causes other types of cancer. I might just say, I don't care.... to bad guys... no extra eye candy here. I love how my Maidenform bras fit me, fun and sassy. However, I would like to see some new options! For our Mom's, Sisters, Daughters, and Grand Daughters. We owe it to ourselves ladies!

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