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Marriott Hotels is high-end hotel based in the USA. Marriott has hotel locations and resorts located world-wide.

Marriott USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
10400 Fernwood Road Bethesda, MD 20817 Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-380-3000
Fax Number: 1-301-380-3967
Email Address: [email protected]
Stock Symbol: MAR
Marriott Hotel Reservations: 1-888-236-2427

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1-800-721-7033Review Needed Please Comment


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3/4/2016 We used Marriott reward points for a stay at the
We used Marriott reward points for a stay at the Fairfield Inn at 17017 N. Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, Az on 2/19 thru 2/21/16. We stayed previously at Fairfields and had great experiences. We were very disappointed in this hotel. The king bed room was extremely small and the bathroom/vanity area also hardly large enough for one person to stand at sink. Upon check in we were advised to park at end of the building and use side door to get to our room. The key card opener on the door did not work. We tried multiple times. After walking back to the front desk we were told this happens a lot and they would get it fixed. We stayed two nights and door never did work.
Upon check out we mentioned it again and were told it "gets dirty". We've never had this issue at other hotels.
Also, upon check out we asked for and received our $0. invoice, but upon checking our Chase Marriott credit card statement we found a $43.56 charge. I called the hotel and was told by "David" that this was a % charge and would drop off in 3-5 days. I received a statement today and the charge was still there. I called Chase and placed the charge in dispute. This was not a good experience and I would appreciate a refund of the 30,000 points we used.

LyndaRead More
9/19/2015 Marriott Townplace in Texarkana, TX on 9/11/2015
The post is regarding stay at Marriott Townplace in Texarkana, TX on 9/11/2015. The reservation was made through on a iPhone app. There is no place on app to request ADA compliant room. As in the past, when we get confirmation e-mail we call the local hotel, explain situation and we have always had a ADA room waiting on arrival. On 9/10/2015 at 5:35PM we called 9033348800 which is the number for Townplace in Texarkana, TX, again explained situation of needing wheelchair accessible room. And like in the past we were told no problem.

Upon arrival we were given a normal room. Went back to reception and explained mix-up and ask for wheelchair accessible room. Receptionist working said they had no such rooms. Gave her a brief on ADA and that it was a legal mandate. Still was clueless and begins her constant, "not my fault" dialog. We asked to speak to manager who is not expected back till Monday. Finally, after insisting, she called her manager. Manager explained to the desk worker which room was ADA. But because we made reservation through Expedia we had to go through them to change room. Wife then talked to manager on phone. Manager was rude, unrelenting and provide no reason why no accommodation would not be given. During discussion there were two big and healthy maintenance workers giving intimidating looks. Bottom line we had the indignity of making do in the room assigned.

As for the room, besides not being accessible in the bathroom, tv was broken. Which desk clerk normal response, "was not my fault and nothing I can do about it". By then her buddies had left.

The final straw, was next morning when loading to leave, the largest of the maintenance worker, parks in handicap parking. Pointed out he had no plate or placard to park there. His response was I'm not staying long and entered the building.

While working I was involved in customer service for 27 years, twenty in management so I am aware how trying it can be. But minimal standards should always be expected and great service strived for. Been a Marriott rewards the customer for years and never had below minimal service until the Texarkana stay. In dealing with ADA, there are three important concepts: sensitivity, accommodation and remedy. They failed badly in all three.

CraigRead More
7/2/2015 I recently stayed at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott
I recently stayed at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott Evansville East in Evansville Indiana. My first disappointment was at check in. I had booked a reservation thru Expedia for June 26, 2015 thru June 28, 2015. When I was checking in, a man walked in asking for two rooms for two nights. He was quoted ten dollars less than what I paid. When I asked the person at the desk why his rate was cheaper, she was not sure. I asked if it was because I had reserved a room in advance using Expedia and she said probably. The man checking in and the woman who were in front of me checking in both received a gift bag but, I did not? What's up with that? When we took our luggage to our room, I found three bath towels and two wash cloths for four people. I stopped by the front desk on our way out and asked for the additional towels. I was told that I could pick them up at the front desk on our return from dinner. When I came back to the hotel, I did get the requested towels and wash cloth. I asked for directions to a local church to attend a funeral the next day. The person at the desk could not help me. The church was THREE MILES from the hotel! Thank God for GPS! My next issue came when I was searching for the hair dryer. There were rolled up socks in the drawer under the tv stand. I don't know if they were clean or dirty but they were not ours! The morning of the funeral we were walking down the hallway where a housekeeping employee was standing outside of a room texting. When she saw us, she put her phone in her pocket. When we returned from the funeral, the beds had been made but there were NO TOWELS or WASHCLOTHS! I went to the front desk where I was given the linens. We were already in a very stressful situation and the experience of staying at this hotel did not help.

MaryRead More
4/16/2015 Griffin Gate Marriott, Lexington, KY. Thursday,
Griffin Gate Marriott, Lexington, KY. Thursday, April 16, 2015.

I am a very disappointed, long time loyal Marriott customer. My wife is attending a conference/training event for her work out of town at the Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington, KY this week, and called me this morning with some very disturbing news. At approximately 12:35 am this morning, she and several other ladies she works with were awakened by the police and paramedics on their floor, responding to a lady lying in the hallway. One of my Wife's co-workers saw the lady through the peep hole in her door, laying unconscious and partially undressed by the ice machine in the hallway.

At approximately 8 am this morning a few of the ladies in my Wife's group stopped at the front desk on their way to their meetings to inquire as to what happened earlier in the morning on their floor. They were told by the front desk staff that nothing happened and that they were unaware of the police or ambulance being called to the Marriott! Upon inquiring directly to the property by phone, I was told by the Director of Operations at the Griffin Gate Marriott that they do not comment on any police matters! Even when I commented that it looked like they were sweeping a crime "under the rug" or they were afraid the event would make them look bad, he basically admitted that was their policy to not comment.

Upon making calls to the police and TV station offices in Lexington, I learned that a police report was filed of a lady being sexually assaulted and found unconscious in the 2nd floor hallway of the Griffin Gate Marriott at 12:36 am this morning, Thursday, April 16th, 2015.

My questions to the Marriott Corporation are many. With the first pertaining to the security and well being of their guests. Why would they lie to their patrons? Especially when they are asked directly? Shouldn't the ladies on the same floor as the crime took place be made aware of what happened? Shouldn't their guests safety be their first concern? How many more of these crimes have taken place on their property without the public being made aware? How would you feel if this literally happened right outside your Wife's front door without the staff or management admitting to any crime taking place? How can a problem be corrected or prevented in the future, if the owners or management don't admit there's a problem?

Very Disappointed,


JohnRead More
3/15/2015 Marriott - And one is to many, we stayed there and were
And one is to many, we stayed there and were charged 560 dollars for potential damages, we were not told about these charges upon checkin and were not charged this until after we checked out. We will eventually get it back but the point is we should have been informed about these charges so we could have stayed somewhere else. We hadn't yet left town when we noticed the charges so we went back over there and the guy was rude, he refused to call a manager, he refused to give us corporates number, and he refused to put it in writing that he refused to do anything to help us. We were left with 27 dollars at the time to get home on and the feed our kids for two weeks until payday but it didn't t end there later that night I noticed another charge for 3.00 from them and for what I have no idea

Angela Read More
9/30/2014 Marriott - Kudos to Ben ,the supervisor at the courtyard
Kudos to Ben ,the supervisor at the courtyard Marriott in Beavercreek Ohio.
I am part of a group of women who are Facebook friends , we are designers for a stamp company in California. This past weekend , 2 of our group flew in from Australia to meet us. The hotel was so accommodating that we felt very comfortable in your establishment. Ben was an amazing employee, he made us feel very welcome and interacted with us, seeing to our needs. This "meeting place" went all over Facebook , letting all know, who might want to join us , where we were. So now your hotel is known to people as far away as Australia , Europe , canada and the States . It will be highly recommended as the place to stay in Dayton. Again , thank you to Ben he was wonderful.

LisaRead More
5/27/2014 Springhill Inn by Marriott in Erie, PA - Review 05.27.14
My family and I went to the springhill inn in erie,pa and we were very upset with the room. Upon check we called and advised we would have 4 adults and 2 young children.. They gave us a handicap room with no bathtub... I then went to make the up the sofa bed and noticed blood on the mattress and no sheets or pillows. I called the front desk and ask for sheets,pillows, and an extra blanket.. They brought it all to the room. When I went to cover my boys up with the "new" blanket and fully intact pill falls out!! Which means that the blanket was never washed! We they decided that since we couldn't get a different room we would leave. They refused to give us a refund and kept telling us we would have to wait for a manager to come in. Well we called the next day and spoke with the assistant manager who we were told to speak with that we need to speak with the GM, and that he would give us a call in 2 hours and never did. We checked our account the next day just to see they charged our account 2x and for about 120.00 more then we were suppose too!!! Very unhappy and would like a refund!

Michelle Read More
3/26/2014 I always stay at Marriott Courtyards or Fairfield
I always stay at Marriott Courtyards or Fairfield Inns and have done so for years with no problem. However, on a recent road trip from Texas to Indiana in March, I reserved a room at the Marriott Courtyard in Jackson, TN in February, where I have stayed several times previously. I made the reservation directly with the hotel and guaranteed it with a credit card. I am a silver elite member. After encountering a three hour delay and being rerouted around Little Rock, I arrived in Jackson at 11:30 PM, having been on the road since 7 AM, and was told the hotel was overbooked and that my room had been given away. I was livid but mostly disappointed as I have never had a problem with a Marriott product and have experienced a comfort level always. I finally was able to get a room at a Hampton Inn in Nashville, TN at 2:30 AM! I thought Marriott "had my back" ... guess not.

NancyRead More
3/8/2014 Marriott - Last week (2-6 March 2014) I stayed at the
Last week (2-6 March 2014) I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Columbus IN. I am re-evaluating the service that I get at Marriott. The people at the front desk were very nice and charming, but when I went to my room I got a different impression.

- There was still garbage from the previous stay in the refrigerator.
- Housekeeping failed to leave soap in the room when cleaning it on Monday.
- The light in the bathroom was malfunctioning and did not light up and was always dim.
- Trash was left on the floor.

The issue with this scenario is that Marriott housekeeping in my opinion is the first visual line of impression coming into the room and the lasting impression on the overall stay at Marriott. I travel and stay in hotels 45 weeks a year and issues like this has happened before and I opted to stayed away for from Marriott for a few years.

At an average of $100.00 (usually more) a night for a room such an incident has cost Marriott 5 years of revenue of 5 days per week for 45 weeks. That comes to $112,500.00 for just me! This has been a topic of discussion with my traveling peers.

If housekeeping cannot remember to clean out the frig, what else is not being sanitized and cleaned. I can see the maid overlooking to clean out the frig, but the housekeeping supervisor should be doing their job and provide a sanitary check of each and every room.

If the cleaning staff does not turn on the light in the bathroom I could see how they overlook the bad performing light, but then it begs the question of in a dimly lit bathroom how do they see to clean the bathtub? Without light in the bathroom I now wonder what level of sanitation standard is Marriott providing me. The inability due to dim lighting I cannot see the mold in the bathtub, but that does not mean that it does not exist. I don't know if it is even clean!

I stayed at Marriott this last week because that is where my co-workers were at and I did not have a choice. This week I will tell them about my experience. The fact remains that the level of effort is suspect on part of the Marriott house cleaning staff. If Marriott management and Marriott housekeeping cannot demonstrate good ethical and sanitary standards in preparing my room they need to be reminded that there is competition in the Hospitality industry.

Are you listening?

steven w. schultz

StevenRead More
3/5/2014 I was at Marriott magnificent downtown Chicago for
I was at Marriott magnificent downtown Chicago for my meeting. I check out I was so in a hurry I forgot my wallet on top of the bed, I came back right away It was shocking for me it's gone my wallet is not there anymore. But the room is not clean yet still the same when I left, I saw employee in the hallway and ask if someone came in the room she told me housekeeper came inside the room but she left right away.. So I ask her if where can I find her so finally I locate her and I ask her if she found a wallet in the room, she was so arrogant and very defensive she told me she never been in the room yet but someone saw her that she came in the room,,, i totally 100%!that she got my wallet that employee probably stealing stuff to every guest of the hotel her name is CYNTHIA MORCO shame on her. So frustrated supposed to be five star hotel hire honest people..

SusanRead More
1/10/2014 Marriott - Explain nothing from Williamsburg Fairfield Inn
“Expect nothing from this property or those who run it” Williamsburg Fairfield Inn

I have written only a handful of reviews (all good) but could not let this one go by. (We were given an elite room with a huge Heat Pump / Air Condition 2 feet from our window). Reserved 3 rooms - 2 paid, 1 rewards points. We reserved 2 months in advance and my wife called the morning of the day of arrival to get some rooms together and was told by "the manager - Blaine" they would be ready. Of course when we arrived and we did not get the rooms promised and he proceeded to call my wife of 37 yrs. a liar in front of me, other workers, customers and my kids when she reminded him of the morning call. He admitted she called but "no other recollection" just 2 hours earlier. But that's only half the story. The "Elite Marriott reward" room we were given was horrible. We were told that "free" rooms are "leftovers" rooms. After writing a negative review on Trip Advisor he responded using my wife's name, etc., (they made him take it down). Corporate responded by giving me all my points back and apologizing. But not this guy. He continued to maintain his great management skills till this day. I have traveled all over the US w/ my job and have never been treated like this (priority club points at Holiday Inns treat you like royalty compared to this). He made absolutely no concessions, or offer upgrades, reduced rates or anything. It was take it or leave it. Worst service I've experienced in 40 years of travel and from "Management" no less. Ironically, one of the desk reps who witnessed the conversation came over to apologize for the managers arrogant speech. And then to make matters worst the rooms were not clean, dirty , smelly room, broken hand rails in hallways, etc., STAY AT YOUR OWN RISK

BobplaneRead More
12/27/2013 I would like to thank Candace at the Spring Hill Suites/Marriott
I would like to thank Candace at the Spring Hill Suites/Marriott in Hampton, VA. She was considerate and professional in helping us address an issue about our reservation concerns. Cheers to GREAT customer service from Candace. We will choose Marriott because of her kindness and consideration. Thanks again Candace! Pat, Charlottesville, VA

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