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9/24/2013 Mary Kay - I have a bone to pick with MaryKay
I have a bone to pick with you all. I have been using the #2 moisturizing in the bottle...since 1985.....why would you stop that? I was in MK back then, and the story goes that this was how she got started with the old taner of hides....and I can tell you I have used it faithfully in all these years and I am almost 64 and look late 40's or early 50's...everyone says so...I definietly dont look my age and I really believe that product helped....When something works why mess with it ...???? Cathy

Cathy Read More
3/2/2013 Mary Kay - I am trying to sign up as a consultant. Do I have
I am trying to sign up as a consultant. Do I have to do this under a consultant?

Bev Read More
11/19/2012 still searching for a live number for Mary Kay: Customer Review 11.20.12
for that needed number with a live person to help me and getting rather peeved.

not chilling Read More
11/19/2012 Customer Service at Mary Kay a Joke: Customer Review 11.20.12
well the customer service is a joke for a new consultant it tells you to call another number but fails to give you that number ha. what a hoot ! my director dont have time now that she got me signed up so here i am trying to blindly start a business.....

chillingstorms Read More
1/25/2012 Mary Kay - please check my order status 10/1/2012 bc no XXXX
please check my order status 10/1/2012 bc no XXXX

shazlina Read More
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