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8/10/2016 Mavic - trying to reach customer service : Purchased
trying to reach customer service :

Purchased my S3 Cervelo road bike June 2015 . It came with cosmic elite rims at the end of July I took bike to local bike shop and was told that I had a flat spot on the rim . I kept getting flats and this was the cause of the flats . Are the rims covered under warranty ?? Need to have wheel replaced (rear wheel )

Thank you Gerry
From Corpus Christi Texas .

Gerardo Read More
8/25/2015 Mavic - I have a barely used set of 2013 Crossmax SLR
I have a barely used set of 2013 Crossmax SLR wheels I took off my 29er I thought might work on my new cross bike but can't find an ITS4 freehub that is 11 speed ??? Other than your Allroad wheelset that comes with tires, what is available in a disc, 11 speed, 142 rear thru axle?

KevinRead More
3/25/2015 Mavic - Inside Out Sports....
Inside Out Sports....

firstRead More
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