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5/22/2015 Maybelline UK - Yesterday I purchased Maybelline BROWdrama from
Yesterday I purchased Maybelline BROWdrama from Sainsburys Banbury Oxon. It was a waste of money. I went back this morning to ask for a refund and was told that there was no refund on Cosmetics. I have tried to contact
Maybelline on the Customer Service line without success. There is the possibility that it was old stock which was sold to me.

PatriciaRead More
2/3/2014 Maybelline UK - I bought Rocket volum express wateerproof mascara
I bought Rocket volum express wateerproof mascara and a master kajal khol liner.
They are the both the worse make up products I have ever bought or used.
The Mascara is as good as not used. You have to use it layer after layer to show any effect.
The Eye Liner smudge so badley. I have to wipe it before I get off the mirror.
Very unhappy with these products and i don't recommend them to anyone. Even if it was given away.

kathyRead More
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