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12/18/2015 Mazda Capital Services - I returned a call from them about an issue involving insured damage
I returned a call from them about an issue involving insured damage to a vehicle they have financed. The information I was given seemed a little hard to believe, especially given the tone of the person I talked to. So later I called a different number and was promised the original person would call me back within a couple days. A week and a half later, I get a letter from them that contained only a portion of the information I was given on the phone and said I have not responded to their attempts to contact me. My experience with them was altogether infuriating. The first person I talked was was curt and evasive, refusing to answer my questions, and simply repeating "company policy," as opposed to what my loan agreement actually requires. The second person was polite, but I never got the call she promised. Then to follow it up with a letter that claims they tried to contact me is just outrageous. I don't think I will ever want to deal with Mazda again, much less their loan company. It's a pity because this is my second Mazda and have liked them both quite well.

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