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12/4/2014 MBF Cards - I am your faithful customer for the past few years
I am your faithful customer for the past few years and my payments are always up to date. Thus it is a great disappointment and a letdown to find out that you charged me yearly for the principal and supplement cards. The reason you gave was that I have to call up yearly to waive the fees. Is there any reminder for me to call your center yearly and which month do I have to call to waive the fees?

I was charged me RM350.00 last year without my knowledge for the annual fees and I considered this a violation of a customer's trust. i am now interested to know how I can recovered my RM350.00 which was paid to you unknowingly last year. What a shame your company should resort to a unetiquette mode of getting revenue from your unsuspecting but trusting customer.

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