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MBS Direct allows students to order new and used textbooks. MBS also offers, supplemental materials, eContent, and a free educational resources.

MBS Direct USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
2711 W Ash Street
Columbia, MO 65203
Corporate Phone Number: 1-573-445-2243
Fax Number: n/a
Email Address: [email protected]

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1-573-445-2243 Review Needed Please Comment


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10/14/2015 MBS Direct - Quotations: Everyone did a Standard Novation on
Quotations: Everyone did a Standard Novation on delivering all of the books, to the Students.
I've give everybody 5 Stars up, on how a great Job, that Yawl had did. Everyone at the Office
has gotten my vote number of Out standard hard working effort toward the Students.

Patricia Ann GArvin Read More
8/14/2014 MBS Direct - No Stars really! My classes start next Monday
No Stars really! My classes start next Monday august 18 and I cant get a UPS tracking number...called the corporate office and the girl who answers the phone there says no one is there except her and all she can is transfer me back "customer service" (and I use those words cautiously).....so the next idiot, tells me there is not UPS Tracking label number yet, I tell I was told that about 24 hours after the order is placed I can get this tracking number, well its been 24 hours. Next the idiot tells me that the UPS puts the shipping and tracking label on the box. So I am now wondering how a warehouse keeps track of boxes with books inside are just sitting there waiting for the UPS brown truck to come pick them and why there is no information on the outside of the boxes??? How will the UPS pick up know which box goes where???

Marcie Read More
6/19/2014 MBS Direct - It has been a nightmare trying to receive my
It has been a nightmare trying to receive my refund. It's been sitting on someone's desk. I am beyond disappointed. Every supervisor I spoke to said, my money would be refunded. No one knows the corporate number and who is the active CEO. This is a joke. I just want my refund of $286.00 dollars. The books was received on June 2, 2014.

Mrs. Barr Read More
9/21/2013 MBS Direct - They never sent the code needed to order a lab kit
They never sent the code needed to order a lab kit that we paid over $100 for. I can't get through to them so they will send it; so my daughter will be in danger of failing her class because it has already started. Their prices are ridiculous. I would expect Liberty University to find a more reputable company to deal with their textbooks.

S Read More
8/8/2013 MBS Direct - Horrible company, total rip-off. No customer
Horrible company, total rip-off. No customer service. Charged me $87 for a used Chemistry book for my daughter that is in totally unacceptable condition (binding gone, pages marked, tape around the corners.) Last semester they did not give any money for an expensive book she returned during buyback. Of course, it was weeks later that they e-mailed me letting me know this. If I wanted the book back, I would need to pay $8 for shipping. Meanwhile, that book was in MUCH better condition than this Chemistry book. I'm sure they resold it.

Kate Read More
7/19/2013 MBS Direct - I'd give no stars if that was an option. I
I'd give no stars if that was an option. I recently purchased textbooks for my son from MBS Direct. That same evening after placing the order I got an email from MBS Direct saying if I purchased the next day I could get free shipping. So I cancelled my order, waited 12 hours, and placed the identical order the next morning. Yes, I got free shipping. BUT I noticed that 3 of the books I had just ordered the day before had all gone UP IN PRICE. When I contacted their customer service dept. asking for a refund of the difference (a mere $3.31) I was told they had an increase in the price of the books from the publishers and they were just passing along the increased prices to the consumer. I would have no problem with that. But I was suspicious that this increase from the publishers came within 12 hours of my cancelled order. So I contacted the publishers directly - and lo and behold, I was emailed back from Harper Collins that they had NOT increased their price to MBS Direct for the book in question during the timeframe in question. MBS Direct's free shipping offer is a scam - they don't give you free shipping, instead you pay for the shipping charges in the form of higher prices for their books. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and encourage all consumers to buy their textbooks elsewhere.

Linda Read More
6/5/2013 MBS Direct - I bought a "Custom Package" set that included the
I bought a "Custom Package" set that included the textbook, a couple other books, and a registration code for MyMathLab for an Algebra class.

I get the Math Lab code and it's already been used (it's a one use item). I call customer service and they say that since I selected a used book, their MML code was probably used, too. I could then purchase the new set, pay additional costs, and wait an additional week while it got to me.

Why would you advertise a used code as part of a package when you know it won't work? After I paid $99 to register myself with MML, I found out it happened to almost every other member of my class, with some being able to call and get the new code.

I learned a $100 lesson today.

Sarah W Read More
5/18/2013 MBS Direct - *Bad Business*I was charged $102.50 for a used
*Bad Business*
I was charged $102.50 for a used book that had many bent pages and yellow highlighter throughout the book. This is unacceptable because from my understanding they do not even accept the return of damaged books. Top it off, I find it difficult to even find a phone number so that could talk to a human instead of sending an email. I wonder if Liberty University is aware that this sort of thing is going on. This is not good for business.

Martha Read More
4/2/2012 MBS Direct - i have a question about 2 books bus 310 human
i have a question about 2 books bus 310 human resource management and sci 115 bio science for non biology majors for strayer university do you have any used or e-books for these 2 books

kendra Read More
1/27/2012 MBS Direct - Second week of class, I realize that MBS sent me
Second week of class, I realize that MBS sent me the wrong book (confirmed that I ordered the right one with their customer service dept). This book was close, so I had no reason to double check. Now, I risk losing the money I paid for the class ($1,500), and becoming ineligible for financial aid this fall if I withdraw to start the class over with the correct book... or have to play catch up (roughly three weeks) once the book arrives. Thanks MBS, really didn't need this right now. Lesson learned, just because you ordered the right stuff, doesn't mean you got the right stuff.

Tim Read More
1/26/2012 MBS Direct - Your prices aren't even close to competitive.
Your prices aren't even close to competitive.

sonic Read More
1/9/2012 MBS Direct - Make it easier to move around your web pages..
Make it easier to move around your web pages..

Kimberley580 Read More
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