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7/5/2016 McAfee Billing - Recently, I received an email telling me that my
Recently, I received an email telling me that my Mcafee account had expired. I had only had service for 2 months. After a long conversation with some one named Jeff Green, I was informed that the account was fine. He proceeded to try to sell me additional services costing up to $299. I declined and he gave me a phone number to call in case I changed my mine. I do not for a minute believe his real name was Jeff Green because he had a heavy East Indian accent.
Today, I received my credit card bill that had a charge of $151.52 payable to Mcafee. I did not authorize that charge. If I cannot trust Mcafee, I do not want your service. I would rather be scammed by a hacker. Contact me immediately to resolve this incident.

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