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6/21/2016 Meineke - I have issue to the shop located at McKinley
I have issue to the shop located at McKinley Corona. I have my car Toyota Rav4 2001 checked for engine light on a couple years ago and I was told that the problem is the engine that they can replaced with remanufactured one with very low mileage that will cost me $ 1,600.00. I told them that I've been driving my car for months with the engine light on and don't think that I have an engine problem.I declined the service that they offered and instead I went to other shop in Norco Auto Tech and they replaced one bad coil from number two spark plug. And it's been running very smooth. I made a mistake when I had my oil changed to this Meineke Shop. May be because it is the discount coupon for oil change and the closeness to my house. After they changed the oil and checked everything that included in that service, they hand me the key after payment. Just when I was leaving I noticed that the engine light was on and the engine runs rough and my car installed on stopped lights. So I came back to the shop right away and told them about it but like I expected there are too much drama. They claimed that when they checked the computer, I was told that problem had been registered for a month and they told me to come back the next day so that they can diagnosed the problem for $ 95.00. When I picked up my car the following day they told me that I need to replace the idle control motor. I declined the work that they expect me to have them do. I did not even asked for how much it will cost me cause I knew that there is a purpose why it happened. So if you love your time and money please don't even think of visiting this shop. Thank you!!!

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9/2/2015 Meineke - I went in for a oil change based on a refund
I went in for an oil change based on a refund. I sent them everything they needed but no refund. Three months no refund. I called them they said there would be a slight delay. Three more months nothing. Total rip off. You'll never get the refund and you'll be without your postage and fees!

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9/1/2015 Meineke discriminates against women
Meineke discriminates against women, because two times my appointments were swept under the rug, I made and appointment over a month ago reserved the spot for august 31 2015, at 7:30 am showed up to locked doors and an attitude-ridden employee sitting outside who could careless, I missed a very important thing to keep this appointment, they also pulled this in march when I had a 12:30 pm oil change? Don't they read the books? wtf? I'm going to get the media involved on how discriminatory Meinike is including the guy at the counter talking about black people in March. the shop owner lied that I never scheduled, here is my files as proof they send out confirmation emails?

Meineke treats people like crap especially women, someone online has directed me to a lawyer about discrimination, I prefer the media right now, the shop owner was stone rude and stone cold caught, I'm attaching my emails from Meineke reserving the appointment, now I have a heart condition and sick today and can't go to the doctors?

I can't drive on lapsed inspection it was up yesterday?

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