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10/16/2016 Mercedes Benz USA - I have been driving Mercedes since 1986! And have
I have been driving Mercedes since 1986! And have loved each car until I purchased the 2010 E350. I have had so many cosmetic problems that should NEVER have happened with Mercedes, upholstery coming loose from back window, upholstery coming loose and getting caught in the sky light window, cup holder chipping, seat handle pealing and now two areas of interior decorative "wood" has come loose. Again this should Never, NEVER happen with a Mercedes. I am now looking at new cars but unfortunately Mercedes will not be among them. I am so disappointed.

KarenRead More
3/17/2016 Mercedes Benz USA - I am very disappointed with the service provided
I am very disappointed with the service provided by the dealers. More damage is done to the car when taken in for service. The promise of providing quality service to customers never happens. Informed channel 7 on your side to have a good look at the MB dealers. Stay tunes

gerryRead More
1/13/2016 Mercedes Benz USA - First time Mercedes Owner. 2015 C 300. After
First time Mercedes Owner. 2015 C 300. After less than 7,000 miles the vehicle has developed a very loud and annoying brake squeal. Took to dealer and they said we were driving it too easy and that we need to break harder and faster. Tried that and still have the squeal. Took the vehicle in to dealer for service ( thats a whole other bad experience) The service tech wrote on the repair ticket that he looked at brakes and could find nothing and it must be the weather. They apparently did nothing but stare at the rotors and said no problem. The service manage told me to "just live with it" Researching this problem on line this appears to be a very common problem with some solutions identified. Apparently MB has been telling dealers to just ignore if the reports on line are correct. Wonder why anyone would spend this kind of money on a vehicle that has this common problem that the dealers will not fix. Should have bought a Volvo. I have one of those with over 200,000 miles with no problems and the dealers have always been accommodating and friendly unlike my MB dealer experience. Will take this back for repair until it is fixed or the lemon law in this state kicks in. VERY UNHAPPY

DarrylRead More
12/7/2015 Mercedes Benz USA - We have a GL350 2012 blue tec diesel and the car just lost power driving down the interstate
We currently own 4 Mercedes - the oldest one being 2010. We have a GL350 2012 blue tec diesel and the car just lost power driving down the interstate and then it just totally "quit". Fortunately, it was 4 in the morning so there wasn't any traffic otherwise we could have been in an accident. We coasted the car off the side of the road and the car wouldn't even start again. The car was towed to the local Mercedes dealer. After they put over a $1,000 into it. They came back and said the motor is "blown" and the cost to fix it is almost $17,000. Of course, we are not interested in fixing it for this price. One of the dealers suggested I call Mercedes the "company" and ask them because of the circumstances and because we are a loyal customer see if they would offer a "buyer assist" if we purchased another Mercedes. I called Mercedes and they quickly gave me a case manager and I thought Mercedes may actually care. Wrong, the case manager called with attitude and is willing to give us a whopping $500 off a certified used one or $3000 if we buy another car like ours. So Mercedes is asking me to spend $80,000 so I can get $3,000 back. Since then I have found several articles regarding Mercedes and "faulty blue tec" motors that apparently Mercedes is not standing behind. I have made several calls again to Mercedes customer service and they have informed me that the case managers are at the highest level and there is no one else that I can talk to. I have left several messages for the case manager to return my phone call and he refuses to return the phone call. I have paid tens of thousands of dollars just servicing these cars and this is the thanks you get from Mercedes. So we are going with a Lexus. It is obvious that Mercedes DO NOT VALUE their customers and economically must be doing quite well since they are not worried about the loss of 4 Mercedes sales in the next year. Stay away from this brand or you will probably be sorry

GeorgannRead More
9/7/2015 Mercedes Benz USA - I have been a loyal Mercedes Benz customer since 1972
I have been a loyal customer since 1972--driving MB diesel automobiles. My last purchase was a new 2013 E class blue tec. If I did not have so much money invested in the car I would have traded d/t the air/road noise and rough ride (did not notice on a short test drive). I brought the car to 2 different dealers and voiced the above complaints. I was told by both service departments the noise (road and air) and a hard ride was d/t the" run flat" tires. My next disappointment was with a puncture to the run flat tire when I was >100 miles from home, on a Saturday afternoon. I subscribe to M brace basic service--no worries, I will receive road side assistance. I call M-brace and informed I can drive 50 miles on the tire. I share I am >100 miles from home. Option 1. I can pay for the car to be transported home. 2. Closest dealer from my location 35+ miles--can drive there--but not guaranteed I can receive assistance (would also exceed the recommended mileage to drive on run flat d/t miles already driven) 3. Stay in the area until Monday (not an option with 2 dogs left home). Long story short--my husband found a tire dealer and spent 3+ hours waiting to have new tire (not run-flat tire) put on the car--I attended 50th-anniversary party alone. At my next service, I purchased 4 Michelin tires! I have a better ride, less road noise but continue with air noise then I had in my 2007 diesel or experience in my husband's 2012 Mercedes SUV blue tec. ? why pay for mbrace--unable to assist, why the "run flat" tires (have yet to hear anything positive),? I future MB purchase (43 year customer)--d/t MB unfulfilled service No I do not have a spare but anticipate I can find a less costly replacement tire w/o difficulty and receive roadside service from AAA that is less costly. In 43 years, I have called MB roadside service (3 times traveling out of town alone) & was told not available. Luckily, I had AAA and they were able to assist. Local dealer service excellent!

BarbaraRead More
7/7/2015 Mercedes Benz USA - I have a R350. The worst car I have ever owned.
I have a R350. The worst car I have ever owned.
Sun roof won't open
Drivers window will not go down
Air conditioner broken
Makes noise when you turn
Door locks will not lock when in drive

I rathjer be driving my old Kia or my old Saturn.....even my 1979 Dodge Aspen was better!
Very dissappointed with Mercedes. I expected better from such an expensive brand!

RebecaRead More
6/24/2015 Mercedes Benz USA - loyal Mercedes customer for years. Recently he had a bad experience
My Son has been a loyal Mercedes customer for years. Recently he had a bad experience.
He was travelling from Dallas, TX to Texarkana, TX and got a flat tire on his run flat tire 2015 Mercedes SUV
that he had purchased in Plano, TX with tire & wheel coverage. The Mercedes dealer in Texarkana, TX did not
have a replacement tire in stock and suggested that he go to discount tire for replacement. Long story short he
was told to he had to purchase 4 tires so that all are the same size/width at a cost of $850.00. He contacted the Mercedes dealer in Plano, TX and they would not reimburse him the cost and were only willing to provide him 1
new tire. I fear if someone does not make this situation right Mercedes will loose a loyal customer forever. This is the second new Mercedes my son has purchased. Who does he need to contact to rectify this situation?
It is surely not his fault the dealer in Texarkana does not stock tires. Had they had the tire in stock he could have replaced one tire vs. all 4.

AlRead More
3/20/2015 Mercedes Benz USA - I have a persistent rust issue in only one area
I have a persistent rust issue in only one area around the wheel of the rear quarter panel of my "02" CLK 55 AMG. I had it repaired by a dealer recommended/approved body shop once, but it returned within 3 months. I love the car and want to keep it; as a senior, affordability has become an issue. I drive our Grand Cherokee during the winter so it's not exposed to the elements. I understand its beyond the warranty period but have been told this has been a persistent problem that the corporation could assist with, beyond recommending a body shop, in helping to fix. I love the car and it's barely broken in with 122,000 miles and hope you will help resolve this for me.

Paul Read More
11/19/2014 Mercedes Benz USA - You pay $63000.00 for a car with no remote car
You pay $63000.00 for a car with no remote car starter in the North East!

Doris DoyleRead More
4/15/2014 Mercedes Benz USA - I bought a *as is*. 2007 s550 from a dealership in
I bought a *as is*. 2007 s550 from a dealership in Va. and the transmission went in 53 days. do I hAVE any recourse with helping me with repairs?

saRead More
3/6/2014 Mercedes Benz USA - 2008 c350 sport Mercedes steering wheel lock and EIS Problem
I have an 08 c350 sport Mercedes that I really love,but the problem that I took it in for is one that alot of people are complaining about,witch is the steering wheel lock and the EIS. I just want to know if this can be something that can be looked into to see if just maybe enough people is having the same problem,There might be something mercedes can do thanks kevin

kevinRead More
3/3/2014 Mercedes Benz USA - Few questions to a customer service and design
Few questions to a customer service and design team about my 2013 ML Bluetec with 10500ml,my very first MB. If this is a great engine and transmission looking for a good car? At 64K USD the seats covered with modified plastic, exposed wire assemblies under the cushions that cuts blood flow in my right leg after 30 minutes driving. After so many miles I can't find a comfortable seating position that I like to lock into a memory. I had over 25 cars so far in my past, never before I experienced a similar problem. The back seats must be a reversed engineered beach stools that surrounded by a rental car grade plastic covering the doors and storage box between the front seats. The navigation device is far from user friendly or intuitive, please see how it's done on any smartphone for the design guidelines. Main driving lights are simply not safe for night driving, especially in rain conditions, I know that you have a better and expensively priced high intensity option, but your baseline is an embarrassment to the Mercedes name. This all wheel drive SUV drives on snow as "walking in high heels on ice" according to my spouse, how you did that. First service requires replacement of the air filters for the intake and the passenger cabin??? Why..... This car is a disappointment that started from initial purchase experience in the dealership, service and day by day driving. Next time I shall shop for something without the star on the vehicle front.

AlexRead More
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