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9/28/2015 Mercedes Roadside Assistance - Yesterday, my E63 would not start. After trying to
Yesterday, my E63 would not start. After trying to jump it with my neighbor, to no avail, I called Mercedes Roadside Assistance. I was put on hold for ten minutes. Finally a rep answered. I told them my problem and he said a tech would call in 15 to 20 minutes. Forty five minutes later, I called back. The rep said he saw that the tech had been called, but did not answer his phone. So the rep called another tech, which happened to work at the dealership from which I purchased my car. The tech called me in 5 minutes. He told me it would take him 30 minutes to get there. He arrived almost exactly to the minute, found the problem, fixed my car, and was a true professional. He was from Felix Sabates Mercedes of South Charlotte. The first tech was from Rick Hendricks Mercedes in Charlotte. This is why I have purchased four Mercedes from Felix. Five stars for Felix. No stars for Hendricks.

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