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4/15/2016 Metlife Annuity - I spent over an hour trying to withdraw money from
I spent over an hour trying to withdraw money from my variable annuity. I've been through many frustrations dealing with endless prompts before reaching a person, but today (April 15, 2016) was the worst. I spent a great deal of time trying to get to the appropriate site only to get on a circle asking for the same information. The automated voice asked for contract number and even when I gave it one digit at a time it was not recognized. The same experience with my date of birth. Then, I was redirected to the original prompt. Finally after many attempts I reached an actual person and went through what appeared to be almost all that was required, I was asked to hold and then the phone went dead. You have my phone number and it's incredible that I was not called back.
I then went through the process again, reached a person, told my situation and was transferred three times. I gave the withdrawal information and was told it was on file but that there would have been no transfer had I not called again.

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