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3/22/2016 Metro Access - i have repeatedly tried to reach tyrone jones the
i have repeatedly tried to reach tyrone jones the past several days. despite these numerous calls, i am always told on his voice mail that he is away from his desk. i do not care to leave a message because it is difficult for me to reach my phone in time,leaving a probability of endless telephone tag should he return my call. . i would really like to be able to call and reach a live individual to conduct the rather simple transaction i need to make. perhaps some info as to best days and times i am more likely to reach mr jones left on his voicemail would help. or the name and number of an or some alternative person who could help me would be useful. mr. jones voice mail does not indicate whether he will be returning shortly or will be gone for days or weeks. i would be more willing to leave a message if i had some idea of when i might get a return call.

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