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12/29/2015 Metro Expresslanes - Apparently i have forgotten my password again
apparently I have forgotten my password again. may i please be given information to replace it again by email

GARYRead More
5/3/2015 Metro Expresslanes - i signed up with fas track effective feb 20, 2015.
i signed up with fas track effective feb 20, 2015. i allowed my daughter to drive a car i am leasing and she, or one of her friends used the car and used the toll roads. tolls were charged to the vehicle. i do not have a transponder and i was told that transponders are not currently available. so I am receiving notices of delinquent toll evasion. the problem is i am not evading any tolls. i want to pay them from the account i established with your agency. since i was signed up with you since feb 20, i do not want to pay these unfair fees. i have contacted
both your agency and the toll roads to get this vehicle on the accounts talking to several of your agents. the problem is nothing gets done. i am still receiving delinquent notices and have made as much progress as one does sitting in los angeles free way traffic. please tell me how to resolve this provlem

rodRead More
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