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Metro PCS has no limits talk or text all you want. One Flat Rate (As low as $30 per month). No Contract, First Month Free. No Activation Fee and a State of the art network

Metro PCS Corporate
2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX 75082 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-214-570-5800

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1-888-863-8768Review Needed Please Comment


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5/25/2017 Metro PCS - What do I do when my alcatel fierce 4's sim card
What do I do when my alcatel fierce 4's sim card is puk-locked I don't have my box with me I'm stuck please help

AngieRead More
5/22/2017 Metro PCS - hello can you send me , metroPCS credit

can you send me , metroPCS credit reference information requested for my account appears

i am metroPCS

An T Huynh

AnRead More
3/22/2017 Metro PCS - You are a self-absorbed retard! You didn't have
You are a self-absorbed retard! You didn't have any problems, but hundreds of people have legitimate complaints and you call them spoiled?!? How stupid are you? Try explaining this, you moron... I have been a PCS customer for several years. 3 days ago, I lost all reception at home. Upon further investigation, I discovered that there was a 1 mile-wide area completely blacked out of all service. I drove a mile away, called PCS, and have since been trying to get someone to realize there is a major outage and irt needs to be fixed. It's now 3 days later, and there's still no service. I've even spoken to the CEO's son at Corporate HQ, still nothing. Try taking your head out of your a3## and your foot out of your mouth before venturing an ill-conceived, bullshit opinion. Just how are you related to this company and how much do they pay you to defend them?

Cherri BRead More
3/22/2017 Metro PCS - I purchased 2 phones for my kids
I purchased 2 phones for my kids. There was another line on the account that was already active. The employee Jorge at the El Monte, CA store did not inform us about the proration on the account when you add lines. So, two days later the new lines were suspended, EVEN THOUGH they were paid up until October 4! I tried contacting the customer service number and could not through to a live person until a payment was made on the account. Called the store where the phones were purchased from, had the worse customer service experience on the phone. So, we took the phones back and spoke to the person that helped us initially. This person is not knowledgeable to hold his job in customer service, is rude and argues with customers, again his name is Jorge. I asked for corporate's number and he tried to give me the number to that stupid, tucked up automated system they have. He could not present the address to corporate. The manager on duty did not do anything to address the issue of him getting smart with me. So, corporate and the Better Business Bureau will be getting complaints on him and Metro PCS. This is the worse company ever to have phone service with! All thumbs down

JRead More
3/13/2017 Metro PCS - Worst customer service I have ever encountered.
Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Spent over an hour trying to get the idiot on the phone to understand me and help me. He kept insisting that the number I was giving him was not the number they showed even though I was calling them from the phone they had given me she I opened an account with them. Then he tells me that the answer to the security question I gave him was wrong. The question was what was my first pet's name. It was Shadow but after a half hour arguing with this idiot he texts me what he had for my security answer and it turned out they had the city I live in. After he has me dial #686# to see what number appears, it turns out to be the exact number I was giving him for over an hour. After cursing and yelling I was able to get someone in "Customer Appreciation" who was the ONLY person who knew what they were doing. She was able to help me.
I would NEVER recommend Metro PCS to anyone else. I only keep them because paying $30 a month is what I wanted.

RubenRead More
3/4/2017 Metro PCS - its not taking my payment nor letting me talk to a
its not taking my payment nor letting me talk to a live rep. very pissed off

leeceRead More
2/23/2017 Metro PCS - I been trying to pay my bill on internet and on my
I been trying to pay my bill on internet and on my phone and nothing, I tried to call to see what the problem was and instead of trying to help me you guying trying to get my infor. If they want the extra three dollars just let me know

RamonaRead More
2/23/2017 Metro PCS - the only good thing I can say is they are
the only good thing I can say is they are affordable.Good luck trying to get through to a human being.I got a defective Samsung phone through one of their stores. No one could hear me on the phone.Unfortunately I did not return it immediately and they wouldn't do anything about it.Later the phone indicated that it was low on memory so I purchased an additional card.A month later I decided to get rid of this horrible phone.At that time they informed me that the memory card was defective.I explained that it was purchased at that store and they installed it but would not stand behind it. I did pay in full to get out of there and later received texts from Metro saying I owed all this money.How crazy is that? I immediately called the store and they told; me to ignore it! I will say that If you get through to Metro they are very good but it took me at least an hour.

NeelieRead More
1/20/2017 Metro PCS - I Called to Change my plan and got someone trying
I Called to Change my plan and got someone trying to act like a Valley Girl from Southern Cali in the 80,s...
I asked where they located and the girl replied the Philippines, I asked to be transferred to America and she refused to do so and tried to over talk me and get my info. So I hung up called back looking for someone inn AMerica,
I called back and this guys accent wasn't as bad I asked again where I was calling and he said the Philippines,. I told him I wanted to be transferred to the U.S and he said he couldn't do that. I told him I AM GLAD WE HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP IN OFFICE MAYBE HE CAN BRING OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE JOBS BACK TO AMERICA....I AM NOT HAPPY FOR IF I ASK TO TALK TO SOMEONE IN AMERICA THAT'S WHAT WE WANT PERIOD.....

dELLRead More
12/30/2016 Metro PCS - This is the worst customer service I ever
This is the worst customer service I ever experience in my life, I received my replacement phone and I can't talk with anyone in customer service to activate my phone that I had service suspended untill I get the replacement' they just want me to come in and pay $15 to restore service, They lie and say they cant activate it from house because they cant pull up the account wish is a flat out LIE, they pulled it up to suspend it for just lying.

donaldRead More
11/1/2016 Metro PCS - if u want the worst customer servic of yur life go
if u want the worst customer servic of yur life go wit metro pcs or family mobile (walmart) or any othr bunch of jerx owned by t-mobile...t-mobile masqurades under a half-dozen names so u cant hold them acountabl....SCUMBAGS!....betr 2 shop aroun til u find a resonabl company @ a decent price or get a landline....who needs this bulshit!!!

kentRead More
10/28/2016 Metro PCS - metro is a a company that there employees are
metro is a a company that there employees are crapy and untruthful so if want a company that lyes tothere customers go with them!

DavidRead More
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