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3/22/2017 Metro PCS Bill Pay - Yeah, I had been with metro for a year now
Yeah, I had been with metro for a year now, I finally upgraded my phone to an android. Since the second day it has been shutting off by itself, battery is fine, and it could just be sitting on my desk and I go to check it, and it's off. My initial reaction was oh, well this sucks, I guess I will just have to take it back. So the next day I had called their 1888 number, and they said to go to the store I had purchased from and they will be able to exchange it there. I call the store, just to be on the safe side, and they had told me that I have to go to a corp. store to do that, and said it's located not far from where I live. But the week before, the woman I had purchased the phone from had told me that the nearest corp. the store was at least two hours from where I live. So I let it go, and as the week progressed, the problem seems to be happening more often. So today is day seven of me having this phone, and if I can't get an exchange, today is the last day that I can return it. So I had talked to someone on the phone at the customer service, to go to that store to do it, and I asked them to call ahead or provide me the number to make sure that I could make the return, they said oh well, we don't have that information. So whatever, I will just drive over there. I get there and he said well, I can't help you, our system is down. So I said, well when is it going to be up, he replied, maybe tomorrow. I said this is day seven if I bring it back tomorrow, will you return it for me. He said no I can't. So now I'm really getting pissed off. He said he is the manager and he said I can go to the other store and have them return it. I said are you sure they will do it, can you please call, gas isn't cheap, and I'm really tired of this bull shit. So he calls and sends me to the other store, when I get there the lady there said, well my boss called me back and said I can't return it since this isn't the store I bought it from. I'm like are you fucking kidding me. SO then she said well you can take it back tomorrow and he will do the return, I said when I was there he told me I could NOT do that, but now it's ok?! She was on the phone with him at the time and she said, "He never told you that" I said No Way, I wouldn't have driven down to this store if he said I could not do it tomorrow. SO then I'm calling customer service and the first guy said I'm sorry, I asked to speak to someone in charge, and he said no, they don't take calls. So I'm like well someone has to do something, and since you said you can not do anything, maybe you should go talk to them for me. So finally he puts me on hold and hangs up on me. So later I called again, to see what needs to be done, or if ANYONE can help me. She said, well I can't help you, all I can do is give you information, and I'm like yeah... all false info, everyone keeps telling me different shit and I'm getting tired of it... if by chance they will return it tomorrow, I'm cancelling my service once I fulfill the month that I paid for and going somewhere else where ppl know what they are doing

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11/15/2016 Metro PCS Bill Pay - call the corp. number 1-214-570-5800 you get right
call the corp. number 1-214-570-5800 you get right through. Be careful with online payments. Your cards are being compromised on their site or by person in their payment office. I was just charged the same payment as my metro payment by another company I never heard of... this is funny since only thing I entered for that amount this month. seems like someone got my card through metro and tried to process money to another company a few hours later for same payment hoping I wouldn't notice...

wendy Read More
8/19/2016 Metro PCS Bill Pay - I've been calling this number 1-888-863-8763
I've been calling this number 1-888-863-8763 for over an hour now trying to get this machine that I've been on line with to put me in touch with a real person; so that I could explain to them that my telephone have been cut off for none payment. But I did mail this payment in by mail on August 8, 2016 by a money order. At the time I didn't have my account number with me at the time so I just put my telephone number on the money order. I thought that this wouldn't make a different, but I see that it did for some stupid reason. I need to talk with a person so I can get my telephone back on.

Willie Read More
4/13/2016 Metro PCS Bill Pay - This company sucks ass I put 50$ on my account not
This company sucks ass I put 50$ on my account not even a month ago and they suspended my phone because I have a fee of 5 dollars.

paige Read More
12/16/2015 Metro PCS Bill Pay - How do I change my bill date with Metro PCS?
I need to change my due date I pay on the 14th which doesn't work out for me my phone now is not in service because I cannot pay until Friday so if there is anyway I can change when my bill is due to if not I will go with another carrier

nancy Read More
8/25/2014 Metro PCS Bill Pay - puk code locked
puk code locked

Fabian Avila Read More
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