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5/27/2017 Metro PCS Rebate - Dear Sir; I am trying to track my rebate/gift
Dear Sir;
I am trying to track my rebate/gift card. I purchased this cell phone at your authorized MetroPCS retailer/city radio in San Francisco CA and the clerk's name is LORNA. She processed the rebate for in her store under EMAIL ADDRESS; @GMAIL.COM. Up until today, there's no notification if it's on the way or denied. Come on, guys.What's going on? If I don't receive a response in 24hours I will file complain FEDERALLY. pLEASE RESPOND ACCORDINGLY. mY METROPCS CELL

11/28/2015 Metro PCS Rebate - Where is my Metro PCS $49 rebate?
My tracking number is lgjh61484246 "WHERE IS MY REBATE OF $49.00 WHICH IS LONG OVERDUE?

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