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10/3/2011 Michelle Watches - I am totally shocked at the Michele Co. Shame on
I am totally shocked at the Michele Co. Shame on such a prestigious name for watches that you cannot
accomodate my request to assist me with a watch that I have been unable to wear more than 10 times sinces I purchased it.
I only wanted to replace it with a watch that would fit me appropriately as the one I have doesn't. Of course when I purchased it
I didn't realize that the face was too big for my wrist and slips everytime I wear it so I don't wear it.

I would pay a difference if I need to , but my watch a CX33 is a $995.00. I decided to really investigate this and am finding that I am
not getting the kind of consideration on this that I feel I deserve.

very discontent

JoAnn Dinoff

JoAnnRead More
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