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4/14/2015 Milanoo - im just wondering if yall got in touch
im just wondering if yall got in touch with paypal this needs to be taking care of soon because the bill they sent me is due ob 5-1-15 and like I said im not paiding that bill because I sent the boots back to milanoo please email me an tell me whats going on lana burleigh

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4/11/2015 Milanoo - I return some boots about 2 months ago
I return some boots about 2 months ago yall need to get in touch with paypal because they the ones that paid my boots paypal send me a bill for 107.00 late fee an I only paid the boots 25.00 paypal phone number is 1-866-528-3733 account is 50494649819 please get this straight before they send me another bill thanks lana burleigh

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1/24/2014 How do I return an order to Milanoo?
I recently placed a order with Milanoo. One of the orders were a pair of shoes. The shoes are beautiful but they are too big. Ive emailed Milanoo twice for a RMA # I would like to return the shoes but no one has responded to me. The papers they sent me said within 24 hrs I will have my RMA# Its been almost a week. I have not as of yet heard from anyone. Please e-mail me the RMA

Thank You,
Karen Capehart

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