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Mitsubishi Motors have been building quality cars since 1917. Mitsubishi Motors entered the US market in 1981. Now Mitsubishi produces a full range of cars, crossovers, suv's.

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1-800-222-0037 Hint Needed - Please Comment


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1/3/2016 Mitsubishi Motors - Dears Mitsubishi:I bought 2015 Pajero 5 doors
Dears Mitsubishi:
I bought 2015 Pajero 5 doors 3500 cc from KSA , my problem that I can't activate the alarm even with following the user guide instructions I contact al esaiy our Saudi distributor and they inform me for gulf have no doors alarms

Moataz Read More
5/14/2015 Mitsubishi Motors - Please and thank you in advance.Please help. Car
Please and thank you in advance.
Please help. Car is 1995 Mitsubishi GT 3000 VR4 6 speed twin turbo AWD.
into 5 months now car repairs. Excessive fuel to cyl's fouls plugs in seconds back fires will not restart period.
Computer sent out for checks and all repairs completed. Mitsubishi dealer said no longer available and has backed out for car repairs. Refusal.
All belts replaced and every thing possible replaced(oem equipment Mitsubishi dealers). using professional shop work. (Qualified).
California Car. VIN JA34444N74K2SYO14494 Computer #'s MD144442588 E2T44461372 thus far can not find another one.
Frustrated- yes but will never sell this Car It shall stay in my Family for ever. This is one Fine Mitsubishi very highly sought after by others.
I need your help Please! Charles

Charles A. Wagner Nickname Chuck Read More
8/8/2014 Mitsubishi Motors - i bought a mit axz for my daughter after a month
i bought a mit axz for my daughter after a month the car body have problem so we call for appointment so far after 3 wk no reponse from cheras workshop and she still schooling so no transport problem for her and the appointment keep postphone very back service

ng Read More
7/1/2014 Mitsubishi Motors - I am in Los Angeles Ca. and I am trying to find
I am in Los Angeles Ca. and I am trying to find parts for a Mitsubishi industrial engine. Can you give me the name of a dealer where I can buy parts

Dale Read More
4/18/2014 Mitsubishi Motors - 2004 Endeavor problem with the key sticking in the ignition
I purchased a new 2004 Endeavor in November 0f 2004. Sometime in 2008 I received a recall notice(#76158)the repair was completed.
I currently have a problem with the key sticking in the ignition(which is what the recall was about).When I contacted the local dealer service department they responded with that was completed in 2008. I asked what happens now, my vehicle has only 52,000 miles. Is this a warranty issue or does Mitsubishi stand behind parts that were originally defective.
Please advise, the service person I spoke with was rude and condescending. I feel I did not get a complete answer.
The part they replaced has failed.
thank you,
we really enjoy our endeavor, it has been an excellent vehicle. Not complaining just trying to get the facts in a civilized manner.

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3/14/2014 Mitsubishi Motors - good morning im a good client of mitsubishi and
good morning im a good client of mitsubishi and love it i would like to know if i can know what is a life time on a mitshibishi l200 sportero yr 2011 2.5T clucth in kilometers as i dont no when to change it thanks my millage is aver 140000km in dash

thanks if i can get a report about this

jhevin jhe

jhevin Read More
2/23/2014 Mitsubishi Motors - I was just surfing the internet to see who to
I was just surfing the internet to see who to contact at Mitsubishi Motors about my comment. I bought a new 2001 Mitsubishi Galant for my wife and a 2001 Montero Sport for me at the same time. My SUV had 5 mile on it at time of purchase. As of last Friday 2-14-14 it finally stopped with 488,000(+) miles with engine problems. You have to understand I only had to change one transmission, two (2) tune ups and two (2) alternator (batteries/Tires) since 2001. Granted I did do oil changes every 3000 mile and tire rotation every 6000. I travel 160 mile/day to work and just wanted to say I definetly got my monies worth out of this SUV. My wife's Galant presently have over 250,000 miles on it. Please let me know who I can contact. Thank you.

frank Read More
1/31/2014 Mitsubishi Motors - Brand new 2011 outlander sport and problems
Purchased a brand new 2011 outlander sport in March of 2011.I had 26 miles on the car when I pulled it off the lot. Within a yr. they had to already replace the battery.Also the ABS system light had come on within this yr.Here I am again Dec. 2013 having to get another battery.I had one instance were every light come on as needing service. The car was totally dead. The corrosion on my battery was so bad and when I had the tow company out he stated that the problem is with the push start. When turning off the vehicle he stated that it doesn't shut down all the way and that's why the battery is so corroded.Funny thing is that any service I needed on this nothing is covered by the warrenty. Hmmm what does that tell you. I have now been stranded for over month because I am still waiting for corporate office to contact me on this.Talk about servicing your customers. Another thing is that the brake pedal is locked. You would think with all their money they have they would atleast help out their customers. No way will I buy another mitsubishi . I think if we all pull together with our complaints we should nail these sons of bitches. Once they have our money for the vehicles it screw you time... We need to take a stand. Were so screwed with the government already, why take anymore shit !!!!

Debbie Read More
11/2/2013 Mitsubishi Motors - please to whom it may concern i really need your
please to whom it may concern i really need your help,Am using mitsubishi spacestar 1999model wit chasis no 049359 so my brain box get fault so we use a lanch machine its says enter code so is that code that we are looking for please and please we really need your help pls reply me through these email address [email protected] am waitin for your reply Thanks

umar Read More
10/31/2013 Mitsubishi Motors - I need some advice. ...I recently purchased a 2013
I need some advice. ...I recently purchased a 2013 mitsubishi outlander sport and with in the 1st week I started to notice a lot of static in the radio so I took it up there and of course it didn't do it for them and after numours timeTimes of goin up there the service manager finally took one home just like mine so the nxt day we compared the vehicles and they both where doing it but it tried to argue that it was just in the songs and I know that's not true specially when I have my 8yr old in back seat knows every song on radio so I then called headqaurters and then met with the distract manager and once again it didnt do it while driving down road but once we got back I noticed it would do it when I would cut it off then back on the static was there and yet again she just brushed it off like it wasn't nothing so needless to say nothing was done so that's when I called the owner sal Salinas of the dealership in gastonia nc where I purchased it and when I told him who I was he had the nerve to say oh I know all about you and how your not satisfied with your vehicle b/c of a lil static in ur radio and I said no sir I'm not satisfied he had the nerve to tell me there are bigger problems in LIFE then a lil static in your radio I said u know nothing about me or my life so u have no rite to compare thatand I told him I'm paying a lot of money for this vehicle and this is suppose to ne a happy time I've never been so disprespected by someone in my life I just want my problem fixed I was just so shocked how a OWNER would talk to someone like that! I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever had these same problems Im at my last hope I've even turned them into the bbb but they still haven't responded back to them! So frustrated

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10/31/2013 Mitsubishi Motors - bought triton VGT july 2012.after two months
bought triton VGT july 2012.after two months problems with shirting gears.4H to 2H.till october 2013 not solved eventhough complaints made.Car went under power.only could move slow at first from headquarters checked and solution open gearbox and service.A brand new car is being degraded to a 2nd or recon car.problems after using a brand new VGT after 2 months.wrong choice never recomen a friend

jumpa lehri Read More
9/30/2013 Mitsubishi Motors - Sir I would like to address this concern of mine.
Sir I would like to address this concern of mine. I bought a unit from your company last july.anf agreed upon the rest of the accessories will be send after month. Since now I havnt recieved the sais accessories and now I would like to address this problem. Pls give me a quick responce regarding this matter.

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