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NEW YORK -- MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball, announced today that it has established a new online ticketing record for the eighth consecutive year as, to date in 2008, 27.4 million tickets have been sold on behalf of the League's 30 clubs at, the official website of Major League Baseball, and the individual club sites. During its most recent record-setting season in 2007 when 27.1 million tickets were sold online, MLBAM had sold 21.5 million tickets as of this date. Compared to today's current total, tickets sold online at have increased 27 percent over last year and did not reach the 27 million tickets sold mark until the postseason - October 12, 2007.

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1-866-800-1275Hint Needed - Please Comment


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5/19/2011 MLB Advanced Media - So far I have had no customer service! I am now
So far I have had no customer service! I am now in the fourth day without any service, I have called for technical help and spent two hours on the phone with no result. I have talked to three service techs, two account managers and someone over them, and they still can't get me a ball game and they can't get my bill straightend out. They are charging me for Minot League, which I did not order, when I told them to cancel that, they cancelled all of my service and added another dollar to my bill. I am beginning to think you're hopeless' I am being overcharged for a service I don't have and I have not had a phone call or a message from anybody. Your customer service stinks!

JamesRead More
3/24/2011 MLB Advanced Media - Great Customer Service! I was charged for a
Great Customer Service! I was charged for a subscription renewal that I had not authorized. Received all the refund information promptly. Easy transaction. Just wish the refund would deposit same day.

DebRead More
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