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Moen Faucets Buy it For Looks. Buy it for Life. Moen is the premier brand of faucets in the United States.

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3/6/2017 Moen - I have called twice this morning for help and left
I have called twice this morning for help and left my phone number. The computer read back my phone number when it was a 40 minute wait and now it is 1:05 wait. I am not sure if this is real. Please contact. Today is 3-6-17. I am in a 610 area code. I read about the personal information. So, I intentionally kept it vague. I have not had running water in my kitchen since last Friday. Today is Monday. Please call? Thanks.

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9/11/2016 Moen - We had a problem with a leaky gasket between the
We had a problem with a leaky gasket between the hose and spray head on our kitchen faucet. We called to locate repair parts. The representative we spoke to told us that there is a guarantee on the faucet. She then suggested that we replace the hose as well as the gasket to repair the problem. Part came in a timely manner and took care of the leak. This is the type of customer service we as consumers need more of. We will recommend Moen to others due to the quality of the product and the customer support after the sale

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8/1/2016 Moen - i would like price for a BRASS escussion plate for
i would like price for a BRASS escussion plate for my single handle MOEN shower valve.

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11/17/2015 How do I get a warranty replacement faucet from Moen?

6/28/2015 We purchased MOEN adjustable-length double curved
We purchased MOEN adjustable-length double curved shower rod. All The drywall Anchors BROKE while installing . We had to use other anchors to complete the job.
Then I looked at the country of manufacture and of course it said CHINA.

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6/16/2015 Moen - I have 4 sets of Model T4572 RT4572 series. There
I have 4 sets of Model T4572 RT4572 series. There Is a pin that holds the handle for the faucet that has come out of the handle. I have been able to repair two handles, however two handles (one right and 1 left) have come off and the pin has fallen into the part connected to the sink. ( Or it has gone down the drain). Is there anyway you can assist me with parts? I love the style. Thanks, Jeanie Sifrit-Reed

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12/15/2014 Moen-12/15/2014 Today I had the best experience
Moen-12/15/2014 Today I had the best experience with a customer service representative her name was Martha, she was not only extremely helpful, very patient and solved my problem with the utmost professional manner, I have ever experienced with a service rep, I have called 3 different times for parts for my kitchen faucet, and have never been charged a cent, and with again very courteous personnel, and printed instructions. Thank you for being a very reputable company to deal with.

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11/18/2014 Moen - To whom it may concern,I have built a new
To whom it may concern,

I have built a new house a few years ago and have intalled your faucets throughout my house. They have all looked great and worked great until now. My kitchen faucet for some reason has become two toned. The retractable spray head has become a gold color and the base is still the bisque color it always was. My wife would Hlike for me to replace it due to the two colors that she does not like. I do not want to replace it. How do I know that this will not happen again in a few years? Please let me know your thoughts as to what can be done, as a happy wife is a happy life. I can send picture if needed. Thanks Rick

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9/11/2014 Moen - I am a professional handyman in Indianapolis
I am a professional handyman in Indianapolis Indiana. When I have had to contact Moen for a warranty issue, I am always amazed at their very good customer support in comparison to other major companies. Moen stands behind their products, unlike a lot of companies which seem to try to put the onus on the consumer. Over the years, I have installed many Moen faucets and very seldom get called back for warranty issues, but when I do I am usually satisfied with Moen's customer support. No, I do not work for Moen, and I do not usually leave comments, positive or negative, for any company. I make an exception in this case for their outstanding company policy of good neighbor politics.
Thank you Moen for all the times that I have not left comments, continue your good work.
Larry for Simply Handy in Indianapolis.

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8/22/2014 We have always purchased only Moen kitchen and
We have always purchased only Moen kitchen and bathroom fixtures and faucets for our primary and vacation homes. Always satisfied with the style and quality.
However, Moen shower curtain rods are and have been a substantial disappointment. We have been required to replace three curtain rods in the last 12 months.after only 3 months of use. Therefore, we have changed brands. Very disappointing especially given that Moen is the most expensive brand in the stores we visit.
Thanks for listening.

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7/30/2014 Moen - The customer email that is provided on the phone
The customer email that is provided on the phone to send pictures to doesn't work. The kitchen faucet we bought Tried calling you for help and you need the serial nr that we were told by a recording was on the faucet. There is no number on the faucet. It is a pain to tightened monthly as it wobbles.
Took 2 pictures to send for your help to and that doesn't even work. No more Moen for us back to Delta that lasted us 30 plus years with no problem. Linda

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12/23/2013 Moen - Model CA87316C trouble with faucet cartridge
Dear Sir or Madam,
We remolded our kitchen a few years back in 2010. We bought a Moen kitchen faucet because they are warranted for life of the product. All of our faucets are Moen in our house because we love the stile and product. We are having a little bit of trouble with the kitchen faucet Model CA87316C. We went to the store where we purchased it Lowes in Flanders, NJ. The man helped us locating the problem where the faucet was leaking he said that we need a new cartridge 1255 for this faucet. We were going to buy the cartridge but they did not have any to purchase. We called Moen at 1-800-289-6636 and they said yes we warrantee the faucet but you need the original receipt which we do not have any longer since it was back in 2010 when we purchased the faucet. We are asking if you can please send us the part for our faucet that we need to fix the leak since you warrantee your faucets. please let us know if you can help us out in this matter. thank you very much. Barbara and Frank

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