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7/17/2017 Monitronics - I formerly was a customer at 1300 Callalily drive.
I formerly was a customer at 1300 Callalily drive. desoto, TX (972) 217-6691 under a 3 year contract. We sold our house in May and moved out in May to a hotel. We left TX for VA on or about June 5th. We lived in an RV at Fort AP Hill, VA. I had spoke with someone about the possibility of the new owners assuming my 3-yr contract. They declined. I talked again about transferring the service to VA. During all my conversations, it was never mentioned to me that I needed to cancel the service via an email or letter. I talked with your company about paying off my 3-year contract early. Again, it was never mentioned to me that I needed to cancel anything. How can I cancel a service that was cancelled in Desoto, TX? There is no service from Monitronics in VA.

I notified Monitronics that I was moving. I have no service here at my address in VA. Monitronics has no equipment installed in my house either; yet I am being billed. I have disputed these charges with my bank. This is highway robbery to charge someone for a service they are not receiving.

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4/28/2016 Monitronics - Very very I satisfied with the service. Ditto all
Very very I satisfied with the service. Ditto all the above comments.

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3/22/2016 Monitronics - Customer service is a -5 but the lowest rating you
Customer service is a -5 but the lowest rating you can give is 1. Montronics is scam. They refused or ignored our request to close our account. Finally, I had to pay my bank to cancel the automatic payment a year after we had request our service to be terminated. In fact, for that year we did not even live in the house with service and the system could not be activated by the renters since we did not provide them the codes. Now they have finally acknowledge and terminated our service but continues to harass our daughter who somehow they found for what they claim is an outstanding final payment. Montronice is now calling her daily even though she has explained she is not in any shape or form responsible for the this matter.

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3/10/2016 Don't use Monitronics Security!! This company was
Don't use Monitronics Security!! This company was the most difficult company I have ever worked with. It took months to cancel service! First the door to door salesman said it was an 18 month contract. So at 18 months I called to cancel I could no longer afford it. They told me I should have read the contract better. I signed up for 3 years and to cancel I needed to pay the remainder of the contract. So I waited. I called when the amount taken out of my account went up $5 more. The lady said my contract was up I said great! Cancel my service and I worked it out that I would not be charged anymore, then had to also send a letter, then they called my husband to confirm the cancelation, then they sent me a letter saying that my service cancelation could not be processed, called again to cancel, then they charged me again!! I called again and they said I still owed them more money and that the last person I talked to was not informed of the proper procedures! I'm very upset cause I cannot afford this anymore. At this point it is beyond frustrating and I feel taken advantage of. What is $47.99 to a big company? It's a weeks worth of groceries to my family!

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1/22/2016 Monitronics - My name is ACISCLO and my son is JOSE both are
My name is ACISCLO and my son is JOSE both are MARXUACH located in GUAYNABO, PR. Twice I have personally talked , in English, with people from your company that have called JOSE at MY ACISCLO'S phone telling them to send by regular mail the amount needed in $$$ to cancel my contract with your company. I do not wish to continue with your service and cannot afford it now, as well. A small example of why I want to do this: if I press my ERS bottom my phone rings!!!

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12/14/2015 I am not happy with the service provided by Monitronics
I am not happy with the service provided by this company. We moved from our house in march 2014 and called them to cancel our service. They put our service on hold although we kept pushing them to cancel it. Yesterday, Dec. 13, 2015, my husband noticed that they have been charging us the same amount for past 19-20 months for the service that they have been providing. When I called I was told that we did not follow the proper protocol for cancellation and they refuse to refund our money, $850 to be exact. They are not even willing to accept that they are at fault. And when I asked to talk to the supervisor, I was told he is in a very important meeting.This company is not reliable, they are crooks. I would stay away from them. As far as I am concerned, they are scammers. I am going to call 7 on your side and have Michael Finney take care of them.

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12/1/2015 Monitronics - I just want to update my mail address
I just want to update my mail address, Now you will have to send any mail to:
CAYEY, P.R. 00736-9002
I will appreciate your action. Thanks.

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10/6/2015 Monitronics - It's hard to contact someone just for a simple query
It's hard to contact someone just for a simple query. I was signed up without eve informed that a credit check will be done and that I will be tied for 5 years. I am not happy with this company and looking forward for the day that my contract will be over.

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9/11/2015 Monitronics - I cannot believe how hard it is to get through to cancel my service
I cannot believe how hard it is to get through to cancel my service. It's been 4 phone calls, hold times > 10 min per call & I still have not been contacted to the correct person. It's ridiculous.

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8/20/2015 I am not pleased with Monitronics
I am not pleased with this company. The system was set up on my landline and it messed up my telephone service so the phone company disconnected it. As of a year ago I have no security and the only way to get it back is to sign up for the wireless system at a charge. I refuse to add any more to the contract. I only have about 14 months to go to be out of the obligation. $49 per month for nothing.

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7/16/2015 I am giving this company, Monitronics 1 star
I am giving this company 1 star just because the accounts manager was trying to be professional about the B.S. they have been trained to say. In 2007 we started with Pinnacle, they sold contract to ADT (which we didn't know until they came with a yard sign. Then apparently Monotronics took over those companies. The only way I found out was my automatic withdrawl showed the new name. We were NEVER contacted, no Yard Signs, no calls to see how the system is working, nothing! We have not been able to use it for three years, but the amount kept coming out of my account. That adds up to $1728. They have me calling, & calling & calling but never responded. So we shut the system down. I called today to get out of my contract. Finally got someone that is an Account Manager. She said her lines very well, but did not have the "authority" to change the amount of the contract buy off. She said that would be for the 10 months left $432.20, write a letter, what to include in said letter, & enclose the check. I said how about subtracting that amount from the $1728 & then write us a check for the difference. FAT CHANCE! Terrible, Terrible, unscrupulous company! They are hard to reach, you will be holding the phone for hours, and then get very inferior service! How this company stays in business I'll never know. I said if you are an "account manager" then why can't you cancel the service along with the amount you say we owe, and she said their computers are just not setup that way! I'm not sure how far to push this thing. She even said we own the equipment so we could probably sell it on E-Bay! Yeah, that's brilliant! Doesn't work, outdated, and inferior service. That would sell immediately don't you all agree? I thought maybe I would start the bidding at $432.20, any buyers?? Ridiculous! I'm getting out of this scam as fast as I can!

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6/15/2015 Monitronics - You signed my parents up with your company. My
You signed my parents up with your company. My mother has Dementia and my father has Alzheimers. I am their POA and have tried several times to cancel this account. They are on a VERY fixed income and can not afford this service. I can't get an answer on your customer service and the only thing I know to do is to discontinue the payment at the bank. (auto draft!) We are done with your company.

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