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11/11/2015 - what search word do I put place of a
what search word do I put place of a city, if I want to search the whole united states?

DanRead More
2/14/2013 - I will write a retraction if I can get any help
I will write a retraction if I can get any help from the Monster staff tomorrow.

But, I have tried Monster several times over the years, and all I can say so far is that it is thee most useless tool on the internet today.

I cannot imagine what I could be doing wrong. I joined. I have a password. I did not join to have schools contact me, but to search the job market.

When I scroll down to the section that asks for job title, skills and keywords and the geographical area in which you want to work, I fill it in.

All I get is " sorry no results with your criteria"

This may be true, even though craigslist may list some things. So I try and try to

simplify the search but get the same result. Then, just to test Monster out, I search something like teacher or consruction worker, and all the time for the location I am using the entire state of Maryland. Still, no matter what I search for there are never any positive results. What can I be doing wrong? It looks easy.

I can only conclude that Monster really stinks. But Like I said, If I can get some help after calling during the day, and actually find a job listing I would like to contact--just one, I will apologize and write a nice letter.

BarryRead More
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