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1-800-869-3326 Press 00.


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2/16/2011 Morgan Stanley - Dear sirIhave a "IP $ 3Billion Capital Raising
Dear sir

Ihave a "IP $ 3Billion Capital Raising Project" for Cigarette design packs development,

Your group serving managing "Capital Raising" ?

I wish to develop pur IP cigarette designed packs in the world over 180 countries for 1.3 bikkion smoker through major Investment bank s and Invester GROUPS INCLUDING TOBACCO CORPS,

if your group have interest this project, Please inform me that how I can contact directly ? Mr.James Rosenthal the chief operating officer?
Please inform me, If possiblewith together with korean interpreter.

I contacted korean staff several weeks ago, but -----.

Your Sincerely
Kye Chung

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10/6/2010 Morgan Stanley - Worked perfectly, Thank you!
Worked perfectly, Thank you!

Gwenny Read More
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