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7/6/2016 Motor Trend Magazine - I love Motor Trend.
I love Motor Trend.

MikeRead More
8/11/2011 Motor Trend Magazine - In reading the 2012-2013 New Cars Ultimate Guide I
In reading the 2012-2013 New Cars Ultimate Guide I do not see an evaluation of the Mazda RX-8, which one of my coworkers owns from the 2011 model year & which you have reviewed in past issues. I am in the market to buy a first car for a collegebound teenager. I would appreciate receiving information for the 2012 year for the RX-8 similar to that contained in the newest Ultimate Guide. Can you advise(1)the rating in terms of the number of your stars,(2)the EPA mileage city & highway, & (3)the price range from basic to fully equipped? And can you also advise the best source, once I narrow the choice of possible autos to buy, of average tradein/resale values for particular makes & models?

ArthurRead More
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