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MSNBC is a far-left political cable tv channel owned by a multi-national corporation, General Electric (GE).

Their hosts include Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and formerly Keith Olbermann. Olbermann was suspended, in disgrace for donating funds to leftist candidates.

MSNBC Corporate
30 Rockfeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-664-4444

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1-201-583-5000Review and Hint Needed Please Comment


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1/13/2017 Complaint about MSNBC Morning JoeWow, Mika
Complaint about MSNBC Morning Joe

Wow, Mika thinks the Egypt lady that Trump is hiring that Joe thinks is so lovely is going to make a difference with the misogynist lying psychopath.

Katy Tur, get the Trump jizz off of your face!

You haven’t figured out Trump plays with you because he thinks he can get in your pants and you will sell out your integrity for his baubles!

How stupid are you to sell your book, what a whore!

So embarrassing watching the two bimbos gushing about our national disgrace!

TomRead More
1/3/2017 MSNBC - Can not believe you did not cover New Years Eve
Can not believe you did not cover New Years Eve and New Years day. You love lock up how shameful is that on New Years celebration. Why did you cover the new Years celebration...... Your anchor people are so hateful especially Rachel Maddow and others. Are your Anchor people told to act hatefull. Do others as you want to do unto you.
Get Polished.

Jane Read More
12/29/2016 MSNBC - There is no reporting on the continuous disrespect
There is no reporting on the continuous disrespect toward President Obama and TRUMP which is being unreported by your network, let's see the meeting of trump and the Neo-Nazi groups, and the complete disengagement of any president that does not respect the rights of all americans and just his own warped views, where is MSNBC the only network that can be trusted up to this point.

Charles Read More
12/10/2016 MSNBC - From a Retired U.S. Navy veteran. I am tired of
From a Retired U.S. Navy veteran. I am tired of the government saying they will take care of the veterans but when it is time for a cost of living increase we are lucky to get 1/2 of 1%. Compared to the actual cost of things such as food, shelter, medical expenses (which are all going up a faster rate) our raise isn't helping at all. In fact the military and social security recepients are living on wages below minimum wage and are actually in the poverty level. All the senators, Presidents, President Elects, Congressmen and your retired High ranking officers are all saying they want to help us but in the long run all they do is hurt or even ignore us until it is time to get our vote again.

LanceRead More

12/1/2016 MSNBC - I used to be a faithful watcher of Morning Joe. I
I used to be a faithful watcher of Morning Joe. I enjoyed all the different news they covered, however lately, they don't cover news, all they talk about is Donald Trump. They need to change the name of the show to MORNING TRUMP. There ARE OTHER THINGS going on in the world, however, NOTHING is ever mentioned on the show anymore other than DONALD TRUMP. Joe and Mika are awful. I'm not sure what has happened to them, maybe they have been hanging around Donald Trump to much and have taken on some of his habits, but Joe & Mika's comments on issues and people at times are down right rude and disrespectful. Joe calling President Obama "Black Jesus" on the show, while Mika lowers her head like a 5 years old child instead of speaking up and telling him to be respectful to our President. There was a guest on the show last week, Joe was so rude and disrespectful to him, if I could have reached through the TV, I would have knocked Joe to the ground. I felt so bad for that guest. I don't know how you have anybody willing to go on the show, but now that I think about it, recently, it seems it is always the same people or REPUBLICANS. If the show has someone on that challenges Joe or Mika, they are never back on again. Joe doesn't let people talk, he cuts them off, interrupts them and doesn't let them finish what they are saying, especially if they don't agree with Joe.

Now I'm going to address your Customer Service Staff. If being rude and disrespectful is a requirement for working at MSNBC, you have hired great people. I called MSNBC to make a comment regarding Morning Joe. The service I received on the phone was awful. She was rude and disrespectful to me when I asked her a question regarding receiving a response when leaving a message on the answering machine. YOU CANT ACTUALLY TALK TO A PERSON. As your RUDE STAFF employee told me, "THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE A ANSWERING MACHINE FOR" I couldn't respond to her rude comment because she just transferred me to the machine, so I never got an answer to my question.

Long comment short, I will no longer be watching MORNING TRUMP and your staff is the absolute worst. GREAT JOB MSNBC!!!

Sandy Read More
11/12/2016 MSNBC 11-11-16 / As much as I enjoy your topic
MSNBC 11-11-16 / As much as I enjoy your topic tonight don't you think that you should be talking about our veterans all day & tonight. Forgive me if I missed this coverage. You should have nothing but Veterans on your show today.

PMRead More
11/10/2016 MSNBC - Morning Joe is not worth watching anymore. Mika
Morning Joe is not worth watching anymore. Mika nods her head and Joe tries to be philosophical. Joe is really bad. Anyway, I was a viewer, but no more.

DougRead More
11/3/2016 MSNBC - No long rants....time for Joe Scarborough to go...
No long rants....time for Joe Scarborough to go...
We have heard enough about his (short) time in Congress, his long winded angry rants, his condesending lectures if you do not agree with his views and beliefs.
He sounds like an angry bigoted old man
You are losing more and more viewers. Pay attention!!

LaurenRead More
11/2/2016 MSNBC - Why has there been little to No coverage on Donald
Why has there been little to No coverage on Donald Trump"s charges of raping a 13 yr. old girl back in 1994 ?The lawsuit has been reopened and a hearing is set for December . A friend of Trump"s Jeffery Epstein is some how involved and is now listed as a level 3 sex offender ! Rumor has it she had death threats against her family if she said anything !This is IMPORTANT !! Please put story on air . Thank You

JOANNRead More
10/29/2016 MSNBC - Someone should point out that the election is
Someone should point out that the election is somewhat rigged AGAINST Hillary Clinton:

1. The Russians have made public e-mail and phone records of virtually everyone involved in the Clinton campaign. Of course there would be campaign strategy and sometimes snide remarks in some of the many thousands of stolen communications. To be fair the same data from the Republican campaign should be made public. Anytime a Trump surrogate mentions something in the stolen Democratic communications, the newsman should ask the surrogate if they are willing to release the corresponding Republican data - in all fairness. Commentators have referred to Clinton as "calculating" but I bet that examination of confidential communications of ANY campaign would show the same. Revealing to show what other Republicans said about Trump and vice-versa and also ties to Russians, etc.

2. Clinton has reveled her tax returns for public examination and Trump has not. May be info on his "charities" and ties to Russians as well as the tax he paid, etc.

3. The Republicans have an advantage by constantly complaining that the news media is biased against them. Thus, when there is bad news about them many people don't believe it and when there is good news about them they claim it and contend that it was actually better than reported. Recent panels on msnbc as well as other television news stations have conceded the bias, without pointing out the bias of Fox news with its large audiance nor of talk radio. It would be interesting, post election, to do a scientific comparative content analysis of Fos news and MSNBC. My impression is that MSNBC is more balanced then Fox news.

WilliamRead More
9/26/2016 MSNBC - Halprin (however you spell it )Stated TWICE -
Halprin (however you spell it )
Stated TWICE - Lester Holt is Not a Democrat
Baggered Trump- PR person about it - called Trump a Liar
Truth is --- Lester Holt is Democrat
MSNBC morning :Joe Liars ---yep''''''they are !!!

DavidRead More
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