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MSNBC is a far-left political cable tv channel owned by a multi-national corporation, General Electric (GE).

Their hosts include Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and formerly Keith Olbermann. Olbermann was suspended, in disgrace for donating funds to leftist candidates.

MSNBC Corporate
30 Rockfeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-664-4444

Phone Number

1-201-583-5000Review and Hint Needed Please Comment


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3/9/2017 Everyone at MSNBC rocks.....You tell it like it
Everyone at MSNBC rocks.....You tell it like it is with facts....Do Not Let This adminstration get away with anything.. MSNBC you guys speak on behalf of the people.... And yes call it Trump are...

ralphRead More
3/7/2017 MSNBC - Mika,your comment about being afraid,because
Mika,your comment about being afraid,because of,Trump,well this is why I am afraid,Obama,did nothing but devide this country,create hate among races,black lives wanting to kill cops.Your comment was way off,Obama created all this chaos,not Trump.We are tired of you,the medians biased opinion,so to you the liberals you won't win in 18 or 20.Most dems are moving to the repub. side.They finally see what you people are really about.So quite giving us your biased opinion,I am afraid of you the media and the liberals,not,Trump,I SUPPORT TRUMP,NOT YOU BIGOTS

PemaRead More
3/1/2017 MSNBC - Rachel, C. Hayes, and Lawrence are the best. Watch
Rachel, C. Hayes, and Lawrence are the best. Watch every night. C. Matthews is rude but I still watch. Needs to give guest right to give opinion without interruption. Think of Zell Miller. Stop taking Racel's hour for special coverage. Ticks me off.

MarieRead More
2/26/2017 MSNBC - I hate morning Joe , He is all about nothing
I hate morning Joe , He is all about nothing ,needs to GO..HE talks over every one and his co-host is no good , he just walks all over her,,no goos

WilliamRead More
2/24/2017 MSNBC - Chris Matthews is a libtard. He has the brass
Chris Matthews is a libtard. He has the brass balls to call Trump supporters dogs. Well you can tell Chris Matthews that a Trump supporter just told him to kiss my ass. He needs to stop serving up his kool-aid to his mindless zombie supporters.

Bow wow the dogRead More
1/28/2017 MSNBC - I love what Lawrence odonell is talking about , of
I love what Lawrence odonell is talking about , of being very very truthful about Donald trump.
Please don't stop keep up the good work. I watch every day and night.
I love every one at msnbc.

marvaRead More
1/26/2017 MSNBC - we need ed Schultz back he and Lawrence are the
we need ed Schultz back he and Lawrence are the only honest newscasters that msnbc had we need to call a prostitute by its real name and that would be paul ryan with dumbo ears and no lips McConnell who are only in it for the money if McCain had any balls he would have stopped the vote for rex tillerman we all know little marco has none or the prostitute graham we will take back the house and senate in 2018 thanks for listening

pam olearyRead More
1/26/2017 MSNBC - I love Chris Matthew show named Hardball. I
I love Chris Matthew show named Hardball. I noticed several times when Kellyanne Conway is the invitee, Chris does press hard on any subject and most of the time she is not addressing the issue. I am disappointed in Chris. Please, don't give her a free ride. Do your job if you want people to watch your show.

oussRead More
1/24/2017 MSNBC - I do not like Greta. She is not exciting and adds
I do not like Greta. She is not exciting and adds nothing to my favorite channel. I turn to another channel when she come on.

LorettaRead More
1/21/2017 MSNBC - We're writing to express our ongoing dismay to Mr.
We're writing to express our ongoing dismay to Mr. Lack and Mr. Griffin regarding MSNBC's decision to continue to force Brian Williams down our throats, one day at a time. We, as an avid family of news consumers, are thoroughly dismayed that MSNBC/NBCUniversal did not fire Williams for the extensive years of lying to the public.

ALL any journalist has is his or her reputation of credibility, and yet, Williams has so eroded that that listening to him for any reason defies common sense. In his desperation for ego gratification beyond his own accomplishments (how could these NOT have been adequate, in and of themselves?), Williams told highly untruthful, elaborate stories about his near-misses on the war front. It was appalling to learn that these were all lies. This was not one episode or slip, but rather more than 12 years of telling these wild, harrowing stories of his near-death experiences. When our family learned that these were outright lies, we vowed NEVER to watch him again, but we also assumed that Williams would be fired for the highest journalist violations of honor. We know that Andrew Lack and Phil Griffin have allowed Mr. Williams to redeem, but we are fully aware that there is an effort to reconstitute him and ease him back into the forefront of NBC's news.

This letter from our family is to let you know that nothing would be more egregious to us than to see Mr. Williams again, front and center, would send out a vile message that NBC tolerates the violations of all tenets journalists abide by, and that TRUTH is their guiding star at all times. We no longer trust Mr. Williams. We no longer will watch him under any circumstance. He has forever broken trust with our family, and with others, as we well know. When his face appears, we change channels immediately, and this is a burden for us, as we are a family who has long watched NBC and admired it.

I do not know what remedy NBC must take, but I will say that continuing to see Brian Williams on the air is a continual, ongoing antagonism to all that we hold dear. It is like seeing the face of someone who robbed our home with impunity, or of an habitually cheating ex-spouse who believes that, through his unctuous charm and handsome visage, he can slither back into our lives. This will not happen. Ever. We trust that you will handle this as you see fit.

What we can emphasize is that seeing Williams on air is a constant insult to injury, a reminder to us that among the privileged, TRUTH doesn't matter. We remember a time when the word of journalists was sacred, trustworthy. Williams has so demeaned his own profession that he really should move on. We understand that he has an interest in improv and stand-up comedy, and seriously, this impulse may be at the heart of his uncontrollable exaggerations and lies. Please consider removing him from the air so that we can enjoy NBC/MSNBC again fully, and please allow Mr. Williams to fulfill his need to exaggerate his already elevated spot in the world, perhaps before a live audience where he can hear the applause. As for any honorable career in news, Mr. Williams is done. We ask that you please resolve this ongoing source of dismissing journalistic dishonesty, respect your audiences' values, and ask Mr. Williams to take up some other line of work. We refuse to watch him ever again. He lied to us, again and again, knowingly, and has been given a free pass. What could be more destructive to journalism?

Thank you for allowing me to express the depth of disappointment we have experienced in Mr. Williams' venture into lies to the public and to us.
Kindest regards,
Abigail Jardine
Pasadena CA

AbigailRead More
1/13/2017 Complaint about MSNBC Morning JoeWow, Mika
Complaint about MSNBC Morning Joe

Wow, Mika thinks the Egypt lady that Trump is hiring that Joe thinks is so lovely is going to make a difference with the misogynist lying psychopath.

Katy Tur, get the Trump jizz off of your face!

You haven’t figured out Trump plays with you because he thinks he can get in your pants and you will sell out your integrity for his baubles!

How stupid are you to sell your book, what a whore!

So embarrassing watching the two bimbos gushing about our national disgrace!

TomRead More
1/3/2017 MSNBC - Can not believe you did not cover New Years Eve
Can not believe you did not cover New Years Eve and New Years day. You love lock up how shameful is that on New Years celebration. Why did you cover the new Years celebration...... Your anchor people are so hateful especially Rachel Maddow and others. Are your Anchor people told to act hatefull. Do others as you want to do unto you.
Get Polished.

Jane Read More
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