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MTD Products makes a full line of outdoor power equipment. They are known for tractors, lawn trimmers and lawn mowers.

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9/26/2016 MTD Products - I BOUGHT A MTD 12HP 38IN CUT RIDER IN 1989..this
I BOUGHT A MTD 12HP 38IN CUT RIDER IN 1989..this mower still looks great..the back of the seat upper came loose

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8/31/2014 MTD Products - I have an MTD riding lawn tractor model #
I have an MTD riding lawn tractor model # 13ar608p731 I am having a problem getting the thing to move in forward gear. It just glangs and jerks and barely moves forward it will go in reverse just fine.I have replaced all of the belts and am still having the same problem.No problem starting at all or idling, just making it move!Please advise as to what needs done to fix this problem.

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7/7/2014 MTD Products - I have an older MTD riding lawn mover. The front
I have an older MTD riding lawn mover. The front spindles and bearings spacers need to be replaced. I don't have the model numbers from under the seat. Can't read them. I have the numbers off the engine. It a vanguard 14hp, 7 speed. Mod. 261777, 0144-01. Code 90121333. 14/42

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5/20/2014 MTD Products - The design engineer of the bolins weed eater makes
The design engineer of the bolins weed eater makes the shaft bolts rounded off instead of square so it will wallow out the head and you have to keep buying parts,. they are worthless thief's. its people and companys like them that have ruined our country.. they take no pride in any thing. like most now a days.. all they want is people to keep buying there products and parts that are deliberatly made to brake or tear up in a very short people have to keep buying more.. I ran these for years, and now that I have been stole from on two. and that is exactly what has been done to me. and any one that buys there products. I was looking at the bolins weed eater to see why it kept tearing up and found that the bolt on the head is made rounded so it will spin the shaft round inside the trimmer head so that people will have to keep buying more from them.. pieces of shit should be ashamed of there selves. stealing from the people is exactly what it is.. all they want is more money when they are all ready rich from selling the people junk.. as of now and ever me and hundreds of people are turning away from the thief's. is it any wonder our land fills are over flowing with junk and the earth is falling apart.. I will never buy from mtd the makers of bolin ever again.. I mean nothing steal from me you damn jerks.. they have lost there reputation with me and lots of people we know what they are. they take pride in nothing. all they want is peoples money. people are sick and tired of these thief's and greed stricken krooks. I bet if they need"ed a weed eater to cut there grass they would not even use there own product because they know it will tear up.. the makers of the Bolin's weed eater are greed stricked thief's.. they are supporter's of the ones that have been slowly destroying our country. they make me sick....................thief's

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2/18/2014 MTD Products - I purchased an MDT PRO 21 " snow blower in
I purchased an MDT PRO 21 " snow blower in December 2001 from Menards . After, the first time I used it, I had to take it in to the local service center the rubber paddles had to be replaced. Your factory was OUT OT STOCK. The center finally called for me to pick up the repaired unit. After ten days and being out pocket $30.00 paid to have my 75' driveway and 25X25' slab plowed (the performance after the repair was, at, best O.K, my friend next door blew me away with his Toro) On 2/17/2014 while working on the drive way, one of the paddles, broke loose from the center mount of the reel, on inspection. one screw was loose and the holes in the paddle had been torn out while the screws remained in place ( we had about an 8" snow fall) I have called three of the service center, a large on part supplier ( carries all of your snow blower lines, the use this part # 753-06469) MY first call was to your factory, where I was advise that the part was BACK ORDERED, due some time in middle of next month. I FEEL QUIT SURE THAT I MOST LIKEY MORE MONEY OUT OF POCKET BY THEN. I made the purchase of your machine a very serve storm, all the stores were sold out of machines Just , by chance I was in Menards the next day and they had found two MTD PRO 21" snow blowers / electric start
the sales man highly recommend your machine. My old machine had suffered complete engine failure, so I made the buy. It appears the Menards sales mans high praise was little off. I would add the machine was not cheap!!I will be hard pressed to speak well
any of the your other brands the use this same back ordered part.

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1/5/2014 MTD Products - I Have a MTD Gold (21") 179cc Single Stage Snow
I Have a MTD Gold (21") 179cc Single Stage Snow Blower w/ Electric Start (31AM2N1B704 which I purchased in Feb 2011, I only used it 2-3 times, I had it serviced this fall,
the carburetor cleaned out etc. We just had a snow storm 1/3/14, It started up pretty
quickly, I was about 3/4 of the way, doing the walk and the driveway, the thing just
shut down, and I could not re-start it. I checked the gas, etc., and I have since been
trying to start it for 2 days, nothing. It was only 12 degrees the day of the storm
and low 20's the day after, but I don't think that should be the problem. Any ideas,
being that it was just checked out 2 months ago, and there was no gas left in it during
those two months, I cannot figure out the problem. Please help.....

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10/16/2013 MTD Products - At this time I own a Mini Rider 24" cutting deck
At this time I own a Mini Rider 24" cutting deck which I purchased in late June after being told by my doctor that pushing a lawn mower was something I should refrain from doing. So I purchased this machine in late June from Wal-Mart. I cut the grass a couple of times and it did a great job until I hit a hidden rock and bent the blade. I called several vendors and even Wal-Mart to get a replacement blade. No one carried the blade so I had it ordered by a local Cub Cadet dealer in Oxford...15 days later the blade finally arrived. I went to install the blade and tried to start the mower. It would not start. I thought the battery may have been bad so I purchased a new battery. I called MTD and they suggested a local certified warranty repair shop. They came out to my house and removed the spark plug and found that there was gas in the cylinder and that the fuse was blown because the starter could not compress the fuel anymore. I asked how did the fuel get into the cylinder. I repair man said that it is a flaw in the design that if the engine is hot the automatic fuel shutoff will remain open and allow the fuel to flow into the cylinder. So he removed the spark plug and drained the fuel onto a paper towel. He told me that there was gas in the oil as well. He told me that he had repaired several models with the same problem...if THAT IS TRUE WHY HAS NOT MTD OR BRIGGS AND STRATTON MADE ADJUSTMENTS...especially since this could be a potential fire hazard. Wake up MTD serve your customers with respect and build machines that are not defective.

Steve in Oxford Read More
8/5/2013 MTD Products - I have a yard-man 20hp 46in problems with deck belts
I have a yard-man 20hp 46in, please help I keep burning up deck belts before finishing mow the yard one time . what are the causes of this ? am I going to need a new deck? I put on the yardman brand belt according to the numbers imprinted on the mower itself.

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6/13/2012 MTD Products - I would like to know where Poulan weedeaters are
I would like to know where Poulan weedeaters are actually buildt at and also how when a customer orders a replacement blade for a GHT225 gas hedge trimmer and gives all the necessary information that the same customer receives a lawn mower blade for said gas hedge trimmer. In regards to the poulan weedeater I could not keep it running on a consistent basis without having to start it over and over. It was less than a week old and I wrapped it around a tree. I really want to know does your company believe in quality service and products. Because from what I have seen firsthand the answer is NO.

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10/21/2011 MTD Products - Purpose of the idea/invention Purpose is to trim
Purpose of the idea/invention
Purpose is to trim your lawn by attaching this device to your mower deck. This device would help everyone, but in particular senior citizens, people with back problems or other health issues - but it would benefit everyone on hot days. Plus this would help anyone who has a lot of grass trimming around their property because with trimmer on mower the dolly wheels on the mower deck helps to make a uniform cut.

The idea/invention solves for users
By using this device it helps the individual's health because you do not have to carry a grass trimmer around the yard or property. I designed this device because during the heat of the summer my wife became overheated while using a grass trimmer. It also helps people that have back problems because you do not have to lug around the trimmer. Trimmer becomes portable when you need to use it in corners along the fence and house. I have my grass trimmer wired into the 12 volt system on my riding lawn mower. A lot of people use 18 or 24 volt trimmers and the holster can fit them also. If you read complaints about most grass trimmers is the batteries do not last long in these units. That is why I like using the 12 volt system being wired in it alleviates having to recharge the battery during trimming.

Invention looks like
The device attaches with one ½" bolt, 6 inches long to left or right side of the front of the mower deck. This holds the holster. The holster can be turned clockwise or counter clockwise on that bolt. The holster with 3 legs stands 14" high. The plate on the holster is adjustable by 2 wing nuts so it can be raised or lowed by so many degrees. Mounted on this plate is a PVC pipe 1" diameter and 6" long. The fourth adjustment is for holding the shaft of the trimmer for ground clearance. The top of the PVC pipe has a cut away for the grass trimmer to snap and lay in. It is easy to attach and detach when needed. Mower deck also helps adjusting by raising or lowering deck

Approximate dimension
Height 14"
Width 5"
Diameter 4"

How the idea/invention works
Attaches to a mower deck by installing one bolt to the deck. Holster slides onto this bolt. With 3 wing nuts you have the option of lowering, raising, or moving the trimmer clockwise or counter clockwise. By loosening these wing nuts you have the option of turning the holster any way you want by manually holding on to the handle of the trimmer. This device holds the trimmer so that it cuts in an even manner. Device can be easily taken off when you need to use trimmer in a spot that cannot be reached with mower.

What makes my idea/invention unique
I have not seen anything like it in the stores or on the internet that holds your cordless or gas trimmers to fit on any mower decks. With my setup I can trim and cut grass at the same time. By removing trimmer from holster you can also walk and trim.

Check it out go to Google Search type in the following Holster for your grass trimmer than click on videos play the 4 videos. YouTube type in the following Holster for your grass trimmer

June 10, 2011 USPTO application #

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6/20/2011 MTD Products - I have a design for an MTD walk behind mower. Who
I have a design for an MTD walk behind mower. Who should I contact?

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