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7/27/2014 Muvico - We went to see the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
We went to see the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes yesterday 4:15 show. At the New Tampa location. This was the 2nd time I have been there where we sat through 30 minutes of their PAID advertisements for companies and no picture. When the movie started the feature was fine. DON'T COLLECT PEOPLES MONEY FOR ADVERTISEMENTS IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO SHOW THEM. Also as the movie progressed the theatre became warmer and warmer. By the end of the movie, the theatre had to be close to 80? Really? We are paying $11.00 plus HUGE fees for refreshments for the 2 hours we are there. This is unacceptable..

KennyRead More
7/2/2014 Muvico - I've purchased this promotional popcorn bucket
I've purchased this promotional popcorn bucket where you get a refill for 3.75 when you return to the theater. Unfortunately what they don't make clear is that you don't get free refills while you're there. So when I asked for a few refill I was told I had to pay 3.75. Not really a deal at all. In fact muvico just took 5 extra dollars from me. If my daughter would have spillled the popcorn on the floor like she did one time before I imagine I would have had to pay 3.75 for a new popcorn. I ALSO called the theater and spoke to a girl there who rather than work with me and offer me a refund or such she gave me an attitude and told me there were signs suggesting that there are no refills for the popcorn. There concession employee never said anything to me about the no refills and sold it as a great deal. After this I won't go back.

RobertRead More
10/14/2012 Muvico - The theatre was very lovely but I was upset
The theatre was very lovely but I was upset because my husband paid for VIP service and they concession stand on the upper level told me I had to go all the way downstairs for a refill on a drink. Resulting in missing fifteen min on the movie from standing in lines and waiting. I think if you pay forty dollars for VIP they should act like VIP.

keshaRead More
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