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2/3/2015 My Pearson Left me on hold for over 15 mins
Left me on hold for over 15 mins. When I called to complain and asked to speak to a manager, i was put on hold with a machine that just kept on repeating "we apologize for the delay..." nonstop. Its like they do that on purpose. No soft music, just an annoying machine repeating the same thing over an over again. Its like they have for customers that want to complain. To make matters worse, I was originally put on hold because the person said they wanted to review my issue. So my issue was never resolved and I wasted an hour of my time with pearson customer service. Also, some of the people that work there don't seem to know anything about One representative, asked me for my email which includes my first and last name. I spelled it out for her and everything. When she was trying to search for my account with my first and last name (email wasnt working for some reason) it wasnt popping up. Turns out, she was misspelling my first name. I only have 5 letters in my name, I had already spelled it out for her numerous times. They need to step their game up. I guess if you dont do well in college, you can always try to be a customer representative for pearson.

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