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5/6/2016 MyVConnect - This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I started an account on line with help of their customer service. They don't have the correct email or password. I have had the same email and password for over 10 years and always use the same one, but for some reason it is not correct. Don't know why. had to send in telephone bill once to prove I was the correct person, it took 3 weeks until I called. Now I need the account closed and I had to send in another telephone bill again. This time I faxed it. I was told it takes 3 to 5 business days for them to know if they have my fax. so I have to wait that long to find out if they received anything. in the mean time, my brother can not talk to his daughter. I am sure it will take more time to return my $14.00 that the customer service told me I was trying to steal. I can tell you one thing it would take a hell of a lot more money than 14 dollars to make me commit fraud.

pissed in nyRead More
4/29/2014 MyVConnect customer service review 04.30.2014
I've had good standing with being able to place monies on my brothers account,for him to call home. Never any problems. called v connect and have a balance own from you to us, due to his passing. Apparently, there is a new phone site where they have NO Idea where that money is(offender connect) I can not longer call you guys (vconnect) to pay us back the monies you own, because he will not be making any more phone calls. All I get is a recording and no person. This shouldn't be a problem! I requested that money back and I don't want to play mean, but the law should be the law and not screw us even more.

JulieRead More
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