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7/10/2014 Nabi 2 - This is a great product BUT it's advertised as
This is a great product BUT it's advertised as being child proof. The bumper pad comes off easily by little fingers and then it'll break just like any other tablet. Nabi does not under any circumstances warrantee a cracked screen. They will however fix it for $60.00 but you pay for shipping it to them. I sent mine off going on 2 months ago and still haven't gotten it back yet. Keep your shipping receipt and get tracking on it because they asked twice for proof from me. They jerked me around in the phone for days. At this point I don't know if I'll em ever get my product back but I paid for the screen repair through Paypal. I might at least get that back BEWARE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE and keep your receipt and get tracking. I've never in my life had this much trouble from customer service on a product that I PAID for. Even the corporate office was useless

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