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3/7/2014 NAPA - I had issues with some bad parts that were bought
I had issues with some bad parts that were bought from NAPA. Their managers are horrible people. I made several calls and left several messages and when I finally got a return phone call they were extremely rude. I am done shopping at NAPA.

JoshRead More
9/14/2013 I will never step into a napa auto part store
I will never step into a napa auto part store again, until they end their relationship with mike waltrip. Napa has always tried to associate with upstanding, decent people, for example Pete Rose is not a commentator or a color person on tv because he is a cheater and a dishonest person. I don't think it is right the man is guilty and puts on a injured face so we are supposed to ignore it? I thought you're brand valued its image.


CarlRead More
12/27/2012 Napa customer service review and rating 2012/2013
Napa customer service review and rating 2012/2013

i have boght front brake rotor and rear brake from ellicot city on rt 40 location i used front brake from my mechanic so mechanic told me to rear brakes is fine you can return to NAPA itook my brakes to napa on the counter person was a manager his name was ken.i asked him for return he said i cannot return because the box is ripped i asked him to return again very nicely he say noooooo and he start argue with me iasked him to give me a corporate office number he say no i am very dissatisfied from napa customer service if the corporate cannot solved my problem i will never go back shope at NAPA

Counter IntuitiveRead More
12/27/2012 Napa customer service review 2012/2013napa
Napa customer service review 2012/2013
napa manager ken ellicatt city is very rude

A man of few wordsRead More
8/3/2011 NAPA - I bought a carb rebuild kit from store 205
I bought a carb rebuild kit from store 205 Gloucester Va. The kit was marked "open 6/18/08". I was a little concerned about that as I hate buy anything already opened. But it was from NAPA and until now I associated their name with quality and customer service. I opened the kit and everything seemed to be there so I proceeded to rebuild my carb Holley 4 barrel. I tried to start it and ran terrible. It acted like raw gas was dumping into the intake. I thought ok I missed something so I took it a apart and inspected and everything was ok. Put it back together and still the same thing. So then I removed the front needel and seat and replaced with my old one. No change. So then I got to looking at the new power valve supplied with the kit. I took my old one out of the garbage, installed and it ran fine. So after three rebuilds the carb finaly runs good with the old power valve.
What most likely happened is store 205 replaced someones power valve in 6/18/08 with the one out of my kit. Then restocked it to sell it to some other sucker to see if the power valve is still bad. I took the kit back to the store manager and he offered to give me a new power valve I can "use as a spare". This kind of infurated me as I do not like to be the test dummy for suspect parts just so the manager, owner can keep his costs low. So I called the district operations manager, Tom McClain. He listened to my story and told me NAPA has very little influence over independly owened stores. He asked what I wanted, I told him at the time I wanted my money back, $39.36. He said he would call the store owner and have him call me. He never did.
I don't want my money back as the rest of the kit was fine. But for my frustration of having to trouble shoot their questionable parts, I would like a letter of apology from Corporate outlining how they plan to improve customer service and quality control on independant stores that have their name all over it. I would also like a cold beer of my choice for all my headaches troubleshooting their bad power valve.

SheldonRead More
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