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1-800-489-6091 Corporate
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PO BOX 146
Trident Chambers Road Town Tortolla
British Virgin Islands

7 Days 24-7 Depending on Service

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Tech Support: 1-800-489-6091
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12/30/2016 How to cancel and stop charges to your account
How to cancel
and stop unauthorized Charges

*Firstly, you need to log in to the website, in my case it was "".
*Go to the settings icon in the upper right corner of your screen, click the drop-down menu and go to "My Settings"
*You're going to want to have your "User ID" (the ten digit number on that page, next to "User ID").
*Firstly, call the correct phone number 1-800-489-6091 and tell the first person that you speak to that you "need to cancel your account completely and right now", you can give them an excuse if you'd like but "I'm extremely dissatisfied with the service and need my account canceled right now" will do just fine.
They ABSOLUTELY WILL try to fast-talk you, offering you other deal(s), stating that you're now entitled to an additional membership for free at another of their sites and so on, it's imperative that you very CLEARLY state at this point that You are NOT interested at all, and would like to cancel immediately.*
They're going to try at least once more, all you have to do is be assertive* (not overly-aggressive, you want them to respect and honor your request, not hang up on you and ignore it lol) then simply repeat yourself when necessary; "I wish to cancel my account, everything, and I'd like it canceled immediately please, but thank you anyway for the offer, I am not interested" worked just fine for me when I called.
*The last important thing you're going to want to listen carefully for is the representative you're speaking to (after he or she is finished completing your cancellation request) is the phrase "an email confirming your account cancellation will be sent in ten minutes" (or something nearly identical to that phrasing), this will be the point where you'll be able to breathe that sigh of relief, after they state that the email will be sent and everything's complete, you're in the clear. Make sure to check your SPAM (and/or "bulk") Folder for the email, it will be sent from "NaughtyDate" ([email protected]) and the subject line will read: "Confirmation of Repeat billing Cancellation".
...And thus ends the nonsense of your dysfunctional hookup/dating site experiance. =')
I'm really glad I was able to provide this information to help anyone else who was about to be billed out the ass for something they didn't actually want. If you'd like to express your thanks or just appreciate my assistance, please visit (which is my personal website, having literally nothing at all to do with this, lol I just launched it and I'm happy to see new views). ='P Have a great 'repeat-charge-free' day everyone! =')
Best regards, -Tenos (Corey) (of and Tenoshadow Productions).

Corey Read More
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