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Navient Corporation holds the portfolio of education loans insured or guaranteed under the Federal Family Education Loan Program

Navient Corporate
Navient Corp
300 Continental Drive
Newark, DE 19713 USA

Monday – Thursday 8 am – 9 pm ET and Friday 8 am – 8 pm ET

More Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-302-283-8000
TDD: 1-877-713-3833
FFELP and HEAL Loans: 1-888-272-5543
Fax: 1-800-848-1949
Corporate Number: 1-302-283-8000
Federal Direct Loan Program : 1-800-722-1300
Private Loans: 1-888-272-5543
Military Benefits Team: 1-855-284-4879
Overseas Military: 1-888-272-5543
CollegeServ: 1-888-272-4665
Employment Verification: 1-800-367-2884

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Date Rating Comment
5/8/2017 Navient - Very poor customer service and a malfunctioning
Very poor customer service and a malfunctioning auto mated service the automated voice consistently makes the same repeated response: tell me how I can help you before I can get you to a representative and when a clearly explained response is given she again makes the same response. This is poor business when a graduating student needs information in reference to due dates and loan information. called another navient connection and the representative stated my information could not be found by social, name, or account number. Very poor service and the rating at this stage is 0#. all numbers of contact involved in this fiasco: 13022838000;18007221300;8777704157;18007721300...

Terra ZeiglerRead More
2/27/2017 Navient - I received the forms for my student loans to be
I received the forms for my student loans to be placed on hold due to job loss but I can't get it to open on my IMAC. Can you resend the forms in a way that I can open them? I'd like to fill these papers out before it's too late. Please advise. SEE BELOW copied and pasted email.

Department of Education
Loan Servicing
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It's tax season!
Your Form 1098-E is now available.

Visit us at to learn more.

¹Form 1098-E is a Student Loan Interest Statement. For borrowers who have paid $600 or more in eligible student loan interest during the calendar year, the IRS requires us to issue this form to you. Although you may not receive a Form 1098-E for lower amounts, you may still be able to deduct the eligible interest you paid. Consult your tax advisor if you have questions.

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Antoinette DePriestRead More
11/28/2016 Navient - been trying to get through for 2 hours just to get
been trying to get through for 2 hours just to get a balance please have live person call me

CheriRead More
11/28/2016 I have no loan with Navient, yet receive regular
I have no loan with Navient, yet receive regular call messages telling me to call "Mrs Smith" will soon block calls from their number! Rediculous as number they give me to call back is a FAX number!
Stop it already, am about to seek legal help !

10/20/2016 Navient - every day I get a message on my answering machine
every day I get a message on my answering machine from Heather to contact her about my loan. I am not interested. Quit calling now.
account number 9782227303-1

DavidRead More
10/14/2016 Navient - I can not manage to get an actual person on the
I can not manage to get an actual person on the phone to assist me with account information.
The online format keeps changing and each time it does it forgets my ID and password. Super frustrating when I am trying to make a payment and cant even do it with some degree of efficiency! One would think they could make taking my money an easy process!? Guess that is too much to ask for.

BryanRead More
8/1/2015 Navient - Evangeline e. VergaraMichael j VergaraLoan
Evangeline e. Vergara
Michael j Vergara
Loan number
Email address:

evangeline vergaraRead More
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