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7/16/2014 - Worst customer service I've ever had. Ordered and
Worst customer service I've ever had. Ordered and paid for thru PalPal Jun19th, 2014. Ticket #642714, Ref# 140712-000194, Order# w-898535508. I don't hear anything after today, anyone and everyone will hear how sorry your customer service is. WHAT service??? John H. Kyle

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4/21/2014 I have been attempting to contact customer service
I have been attempting to contact customer service for the past week and for over 2 hours today to have a representative assist me with my order. I placed an order on 3/20/14, received it short one item which was out of stock. I received a credit and gift credit on any future order placed. I have been trying to place an order for my grandson before the expiration of the 30 day trial I enrolled for in placing the original order and the automatic answering machine is not responding correctly and disconnects following their responses. It says you may contact a representative but fails to connect you. The phone then sounds like someone picks up and then quickly hangs up. Additionally, when attempting to complete my order via your internet site the site no longer recognizes my account or email, even after attempting to re-register, and does not allow me to complete the order.

Is there someway you can check my order ID#33xxx4021, inquiry 1xxxx-001049, email from ARVIA/3/202014 and perhaps determine from that why I can't get through to anyone or why your customer service people are not responding to my telephone calls. Their answering machine is either on the blink or someone just doesn't want to respond!

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4/15/2014 - I bout vc and upgraded my character and then I was
I bout vc and upgraded my character and then I was playing my carrier and it froze and it wouldn't let me play on him and kept kicking me off when I tried to play I want a refund of my 2 50,00 vc back

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12/9/2013 customer service does not return emails
Go anywhere else... you'll get the item and find out that the online store charges you more than the suggested retail price and their customer service does not return emails! They even leave the cheaper price tag on the item just to aggravate you further!

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