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2/9/2012 NDTV - household shifting office shifting industrial
household shifting office shifting industrial moving all over india door to door service

azhar khanRead More
1/31/2012 NDTV - we have a big news on racism in Australia.. a
we have a big news on racism in Australia.. a video clip of 5 mins...An Aussie guy abusing Indians to leave the country since we r black...cops came at the site and had taken him...but nothing happened after that...if u are interested in this, mail me back...

Boby GrayRead More
10/21/2011 NDTV - Dear Sir/Madame,I would like to pass on a
Dear Sir/Madame,

I would like to pass on a information to you, may be you can do more recherche on this matter and get it on your News channel.

During the economic crisis, many Indian people working in Dubai left Dubai due to job loss and reasons regarding financial problem,

Now these Dubai bank, have hired Indian recovery agents and are asking to pay the money back,

most of these cases involve, unpaid credit card bill, they have also contacted me and asking to pay back,
But i asked them, how will the money get transferred back to Dubai, because under RBI guidelines, money from India cannot be sent aboard for credit cards and utility bill payment,
So they told me that if i do the payment to UAE exchange, they will get the money sent to Dubai,
So i asked them, weather the UAE exchange will give me in written that sending the money through UAE exchange is in guidelines with the RBI, than they told me that, it is not in guidelines with the RBI, but they will some how be able to send the money to Dubai,

So i want to know, weather UAE exchange is acting as a hawala agent for the Dubai banks.

i also dont know much about the money transfer from India to Dubai, so i would like you let me know, what UAE exchange is doing is right or wrong.

And also i have heard that some UAE bank have opened their branches in India,

Is the opening of their branches in India, is for good for Indian economy, or is it just a way for them to get their unpaid credit cards and loans amount recovered from the people, who had to leave Dubai due to economic crisis, and to avoid the jail terms.

If you people from NDTV are ready to do something about this matter and i am ready to be a part with you people, and may be expose the biggest hawala racket been run by the UAE exchange from India, please do contact me in this regards on my email.

sanjeevRead More
3/22/2011 NDTV - respected sir,my name is ram kumar p.v., sir i had
respected sir,
my name is ram kumar p.v., sir i had project based on the tsunami sir, its completely a civil constructional project sir if we implement this project we can save millions of the peoples life . so please try to help me by telecasting the matter. if you send the e-mail id i will send some of the information sir, plz help sir.
thanking you sir, p.v.ram kumar

ram kumarRead More
3/8/2011 NDTV - I trust a lot on india tv... This is like a mirror
I trust a lot on india tv... This is like a mirror in which we see the real faces of every one.

SachinRead More
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