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3/31/2014 NEOCUBE - I am a neo cube user and I know Mr rink
I am a neo cube user and I know Mr rink and he is a good kid and his product is kool to bad I know with out certain people it will not work like it should bouncing Betty babby or u can use it to do any thing our mind can perceive.

joseph goins Read More
7/8/2013 NEOCUBE - att to james rink only emergency att. I need
att to james rink only emergency att. I need contact you is happning im not a bad person or a mental pat. this is real give him this asap not a joke the seals are broken down to one now he is here they are following me in spring feild mo. they have injected my foot dont have much longer I tryed to stop thelm I spoke out the agenda 11 guy with the big thing on his face got in my house the agenda 21 lady that took over the office that told me hi welcome to the new world order there mom the ruling class the pure bloods i'm am now bleeding in side and are weak they made me take out my base . poor people they aired the eshalon thing about face book and the rest of the companys inv. omg what they do to us soory about the cube baby your my only hope stop thelm tell every one he's trying to end it my hands are the only ones that can brake the seals on the title deed he made me remote veiwers conf.

kirkRead More
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