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Nestle USA is a part of Nestle S.A. in Vevey, Switzerland ? the world's largest food company with a focus on Nutrition, Health & Wellness.

Nestle USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
800 North Brand Boulevard
Glendale, CA 91203

Phone Number

1-800-225-2270Hint Needed - Please Comment


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12/18/2016 Nestle USA - Hello Nestle, Recently I tried your newer
Hello Nestle, Recently I tried your newer Stouffers Fit Kitchen. I got the Teriyaki Chicken and sorry but it was really terrible. The chicken was tough like rubber,the sauce was so sweet and not sure if I want to try any of the others. I have used your frozen meals for years, Stuffed Peppers, your chip beef my husband loved both. I have bought your Lasagne to use when in a hurry I make my own. Yours is pretty good I doctor it up a little with more cheese some Italian sausage etc. Love you Tuna Noodle on and on. I am a widow so now after years of family I use these frozen dinners quite often. Do not know who gave recipes on your Fit Kitchens. Just passing on my recent experience. Thank you,

DustyRead More
6/7/2016 Nestle USA - Tried morning classics sausage & egg scramble.
Tried morning classics sausage & egg scramble. Product was good , but tray was thin when you take it out after the first three minutes tray brakes. Then you have parts of tray in with product. Wont buy again, too much money for heap.

tightwadRead More
9/11/2015 Nestle USA - Bring back Nescafé classic
Bring back Nescafé classic

LolaRead More
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