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1/5/2017 I called for Nissan Roadside assistance on Jan 3,
I called for Nissan Roadside assistance on Jan 3, at around 5:07pm when my 2016 Nissan Altima failed to start. Fortunately, I was on a Rite Aid parking lot at the time. I called the 800 number given to me by the SOS personnel and a recording played intermittently stating that someone would be attending to my needs and that I should stay on line. I did so for 32 minutes. No one responded. I tried another 800 number listed in the Owner Manual and was also put on hold from the inception of the call and for 10 minutes received no human response. Another call to Nissan Connect Services was also unsuccessful. It was a very frustrating experience. Fortunately, a call to AAA resulted in my obtaining a jump start 40 minutes after I called AAA. I received no assistance nor communication from Nissan roadside. Cause of failure a defective battery, which I had replaced at Nissan dealer the following day. What is even more disappointing was Nissan Consumer Affairs and Roadside assistance telling me the following day when I reported this incompetent customer service, that they had no record in their database of my calls for service at the time in question. This is ridiculous and unacceptable.

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12/21/2016 Called my nissan roadside assistance because of a
Called my nissan roadside assistance because of a lockout which I have never used before, took my information quickly and notified within 10 minutes by text the company that was coming and it could take up to an hour for arrival which has nothing to do with nissan, the arrival time depends on the towing company. I'm in a small town and pretty much knew who would be coming they came within a half hour of me starting the phone call. I also didn't have to pay anything out of pocket which is a huge relief, nissan worked quickly and I couldn't be happier

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11/11/2016 Nissan Roadside Assistance - I called around 2 p.m. on November 10th. I had
I called around 2 p.m. on November 10th. I had locked my keys in the car. They said they would be there in 1 hour. I called after an hour was up, anotherperson answered and after being on hold for ten minutes, I was told they had lost my information. This happened 3 more times. I had told them my cell phone was locked in the car and have them another contact number. When I checked my 15 voicemails they had left a message each time telling me they would be there in 15 minutes. They FINALLY got there almost 4 hours after I called. So disgusted with them.

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9/20/2016 Nissan Roadside Assistance - Verily verily poor customer service,poor quality
Verily verily poor customer service,poor quality service of roadside ,towing,phone ,not fulfilling the promises,they say they will send towing services within an hour n sends the message on the phone,very disgusting ,it does not happen or even follow up...stay there wairing in hot summer done with Nissan,despite been loyal customer,poorly treated,faulty nissans breaking all the times,

After a long day of calling nissan roadside assistance ,at 6pm called AAA n enrolled in AAA n got towing services right away..
People forget about nissan ,horrible experience,never ever call ready to trade in my nissan altima horrible experiences it cannot start at all in 2 episodes..dangerous events. joined AAA n solves probs immediately.

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9/1/2016 Nissan Roadside Assistance - Thats simply horrible. My sister and I just
Thats simply horrible. My sister and I just bought Nissan Rogues, and with the price they are charging for cars these days,, this is simply unacceptable. They make it sound like you have all these great perks and benefits, then to hear this. I have AAA since 2004, and I must say have never been disatisfied. I pay $105 a mth, inflation since it use to be 60, but if after the 7 year contract is up you end up paying $89 through their company, i would rather pay the $15 or so extra to get better service. Being a single women, AAA also asks if you are safe, and where you are located to make sure you get assistance. I think I will stick with AAA. I get that extra sense of security. No thank you Nissan.

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2/27/2016 Nissan Roadside Assistance - On 02/26/2016 I called road side assistance for
On 02/26/2016 I called road side assistance for Nissan because I had put diesel fuel in my car by accident. My car is 6 weeks old. Because I didn't have some number the guy asked for, he would not assist me at all. It was the Nissan place that asked him to assist me. They told him I was a Nissan customer. On top of that it was one of those push button set ups and wasn't even a full service road side service company. My cell phone was weak and I could not get through to their various options. When I finally made contact with them because I didn't have some number, he would not assist me at all. He told me to dial 911. Nissan road side assistance does absolutely suck.

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11/25/2015 Not Happy with Nissan Roadside Assistance
I called Roadside Assistance on July 3rd, 2015. I was at Canada's Wonderland and I locked my key in the car as the battery in the fob was dead... Nissan sent a tow company. They propped the door open to unlock the door. The door has been bent and scratched.. I called Roadside assistance to report the issue as it will need to get fixed. A gentleman called me and asked that I send pictures of the damages to his email. i have done so.. I have also been emailing him the past few months trying to get an update... no response... A couple of weeks ago, I called roadside assistance and they said that the tow company should have contacted me.. they did not and they still have not.. I never called this tow company, I called Nissan Roadside Assistance and therefore, Nissan is the one I will continue to deal with.. I want this rectified and I want my car fixed asap.. This has been going on for 4 months now... Not acceptable.... Not happy...

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11/21/2015 Nissan Roadside Assistance - I rec'd a survey for a roadside assistance call i
I rec'd a survey for a roadside assistance call i had on Nov 11/15 but i does not work. can someone please send me a link that does work. See below.

Dear Mr. Shute,

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015 you received service from Nissan Roadside Assistance and agreed to participate in our survey. The survey will take you less than three minutes. As a thank you, you will be entered into a weekly draw for $100.00.

Please click on the following link to be directed to our online survey:

Or visit our website at and enter your survey code: 25044810204

Marie Martin
Nissan Roadside Assistance

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of intended recipient(s). If you received this email in error, please notify your roadside assistance provider and delete this email.

You are receiving this communication from Sykes Assistance Services Corp. for services received through roadside assistance.
Sykes Assistance Services Corp. 248 Pall Mall Street, London, ON N6A 4T4.
To cancel this survey please click on the link:

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3/25/2015 Nissan Roadside Assistance - MY KEYS HAVE BEEN LOCKED IN MY CAR SINCE LAST

3/12/2014 Nissan Roadside Assistance - The roadside assistance, which I had thought would
The roadside assistance, which I had thought would last throughout the five year term of the lease agreement with Nissan, expired. This I found out when I had called Nissan a couple of weeks ago for assistance, because I was stranded on a pile of ice in a lane way at Lawrence and Bathurst in Toronto. I did receive the assistance through Nissan, had to pay for it, of course, and the person on the phone was very polite and efficient. I subsequently called to renew my coverage, was quoted $89.95 plus H.S.T. for one year, which I have to pay by cheque and send to Nissan in London, Ontario. Upon receipt of my cheque, coverage will begin.

When I asked whether I can see on line what services are offered for this amount, I was told that Nissan has no such document. The person on the phone cited a few major services offered, but I would like to know everything in detail.

Every other road side assistance business has detailed information on their website. I would like to have this service with Nissan, because I trust my car with them, however, I do not think it right that Nissan has no written provisions to this effect, when their coverage cost is not even competitive.

Please offer your comments.

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1/30/2014 Nissan Roadside Assistance - If you plan on buying a Nissan car with intelligent key, please don't
If you plan on buying a Nissan car with intelligent key, please don't. The technology sounds impressive in the show room, however you'll end up having a car that will leave you stranded when you need it.

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7/12/2013 Nissan Roadside Assistance - We called for jump because battery, my Nissan
We called for jump because battery, my Nissan Maxima is under guaranty and the road assistance has to be paid by us, Nissan do not offer the free road assistance, a Jump can goes up to $ 80 dollars!

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