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12/6/2016 Nissan USA - Please bring back the Xterra! You are making a
Please bring back the Xterra! You are making a mistake by only offering sissy mommy wagon suvs.

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5/3/2016 Nissan USA - Own a 2006 Maxima, and am going through the same
Own a 2006 Maxima, and am going through the same disgust that quIte a number of people are experiencing. Have spent several thosands of dollars to no avail. Have owned 2 Nissans and am ready to buy another car, but seriously doubt it will be another Nissan. All anyone needs is sincere addressing of the issue.

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5/1/2016 Nissan USA - I was just a Nissan in Stratham, I was just
I was just a Nissan in Stratham, I was just looking, was looking to trade in my Nissan 2008 and well they said I think you would be better a lease, I said I really don't want to lease a car I woulod just keep my car. But I was there for 5 hours, and I wanted to leave but they had the keys to my car due to checking it out. I still asked where is my keys,, and then they started talking again, when I told the gentlemen that was helping me, he brought the manager first he had told me that (meanwhile I just wanted to get ou of there) and I lift Nissan like I was shaking and nervious and by 8:00 the I did not know what to do, I kept on saying I don't want to do this so then they bring down the price I got the car on the 4/30/2016 late and I am going back to today to get my car back and never use Nissan with out going with someone who will stand behind me. I hope my car is still there and I can be relievedof this situation I am going thru right now, I am totally exhausted from this from yesterday my number is 516-286 4623 and I feel like a nervous wreck and did not get any sleep, I am 63 years old and I really just wanted a Nissan Sentra like I had instead I god Altima cause they said there was a rebate on the car
anyway I hope you can understand - fran

Francine Read More
4/8/2016 Nissan USA - My 2012 Nissan has 25,609 miles on it and it
My 2012 Nissan has 25,609 miles on it and it needed new brakes on the rear and it cost me $387.00. This is my wife car and she drive 3 miles 1 way to work and back. HOW could it need new brakes, 1 reason could be that Nissan is using new CHEAP parts on their cars, that only last 20,000 miles. I was going to buy her a new Nissan, but I change my mind and we are looking at others car makers for her a new car. I have Pep Boys brakes on my Jeep GC and I have had them for over 4 years they got 52,187 miles on them and I don't need new brakes. You telling me that Nissan can't do better. We have been Nissan customers for over 25 plus years, what happen to your service. The dealership we go to did a great job and they are not at fault, we could not ask for a better place to take our car. They tell me at my next service stop I will need to replace the front brakes, how sad this is still a new car.

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3/25/2016 Nissan USA - Nissan Maxima Stalls at Red Lights
Bought the car 3 months ago in Scottsdale as. Maxims stalls when at a red lite. They brush me off twice now. The car scare s us. What to do ?????? Stay away from Nissan

Theo Read More
3/3/2016 Nissan USA - I purchased a Nissan Rouge SV from West Covina
I purchased a Nissan Rouge SV from West Covina Nissan dealer on 1/26/2016 and after I purchase this car I was told that this vehicle did not have fog lights I asked if there was something that they could do to help me out, I spoke to the sales person Garry and he said he would check to see if they would help me out and that he would call me back of which he never called. Other than the fog light situation I'm happy with the car but I explain to Gerry the salesman that I go camping on a regular basis because I have Camp Ground Memberships where fog is sometimes a problem and I would never buy a car without fog lights. I then called the finance officer Paul Balouch on two occasions and left Two messages which was not returned. I was told by the service department that it would cost me $90.00 to have the fog light put on my vehicle. Because I go camping in areas that sometime have fog problems I would never purchase a car without fog lights so I would like to know if there is some way that you could help me out with this situation. I hope that this is not the way Nissan treat their customers sell them a vehicle and forget about the customer. Please respond. ( Deroy Green )

DeRoy Read More
2/17/2016 Nissan USA - I purchased a Nissan Sentra last week and have
I purchased a Nissan Sentra last week and have been trying to call to let them know as I was told but I just been on hold after hold. I cant get through

Irma Read More
2/9/2016 Nissan USA - 1-800-777-7018 this number is the number to call Nissan
1-800-777-7018 this number is the number to call if you want to speak to Nissan customer service. I have been on hold for 1 hour and 14 minutes and 30 seconds. Using my cell phone was a bad idea I guess, I have now had to plug it in and charge it while still on hold... I'm thinking this is pretty ridiculous. I just recently purchased my 2015 Altima and needed information about setting up my online account and payment options. Does Nissan realize I have a life? #NissanRating0

Carrie Read More
12/1/2015 Nissan USA - All Nissan has to offer is automated service - Not live help
Experiencing higher wait times, is all they have to offer on their automated service, Live customer Service agents do not exist with Nissan Motors. Called all day on December 1, 2015 to Verify payment received via web site and there are no live customer service agents available. Payments here on will be "check by U.S. Mail", it will be $5.00 Cheaper. Thank you Nissan!!
Thank God my payment isn't due for ten days.

Brother Read More
11/10/2015 Nissan USA - Since switching to Nissan in 2011 I have been
Since switching to Nissan in 2011 I have been extremely pleased with the level of customer service all around. Well that all changed last week. I received service that was so bad it is making me reconsider purchasing from Nissan in the future. I understand that Nissan makes a lot of money and may not be concerned with just one person’s complaint. However if I received such subpar and rude service then it is possible that others have as well.
Since purchasing my first Nissan I have been getting it serviced at the Sansone Nissan on RT 66 in Neptune, NJ. Up until last week the service was always excellent. Jay Herowanto who usually assists me and is always great was not there. On Sunday night 11/1/15, I dropped my car off. I filled out the form requesting an oil change and a car wash. I asked that my car be ready by 12pm as I had to go to work. At 11:43am I decided to call and check on my car as normally I would have had a call by now. The lady who answered the phone told me that she would look into it and get back to me (she was not pleasant). No one ever got back to me and since I had to go to work, I decided to call again at 12:11pm. Again I was told that someone would get back to me (the lady answering the phone was not pleasant). At 12:36pm I finally got a call and was informed that my car was being worked on and should be ready soon. At 12:57pm I was called and informed that my car was ready.
I want to point out that each time I called I was made to feel as if I was being a bother. Keep in mind that I dropped my car off the night before for a simple oil change and car wash. I noted on the form that I needed it ready by 12pm. If for whatever reason my car was not going to be ready by the required time a call would have been appropriate. Instead I had to keep calling.
When I arrived at Nissan I saw my car parked in the back. I immediately noticed that the bird waste was still on my car. When I went inside I told the cashier that I didn’t think my car was washed, she said I got the keys and it’s on the invoice so yes it was. I told her that it couldn’t have been as I saw the bird waste when I came in. Instead of saying let me go check on that. She said I got the keys and it’s on the invoice so it was washed with no concern at all for customer service in an extremely rude manner. For a tire rotation which is $24.95 plus tax and an oil change which is $29.95 plus tax. My bill came to $89.95. I paid the bill but then questioned the price as the individual prices were not listed. The cashier told me it was because of tax. Please tell me what percentage of tax I am being charged????
I went outside to my car and wiped my hand over the car and dirt came off the car. I took pictures of the handprints, dirt and bird waste that the car wash I allegedly received should have gotten rid of. I have spent a lot of money in the past at this particular Nissan dealership but as of 11/2/15 I will never return to get my car serviced at that facility. Not only was everyone person I interacted with rude but I was not given the requested service, my car wash. This is making me question whether or not I was even given an oil change!!!!! I need someone to look into the price of my service. If I do not get anywhere going this route I will be forced to take legal action as I feel that I was fraudulently charged. I have copies of my receipt and invoice as well as pictures of a dirty car that was supposed to be washed. The renovations are excellent and the place looks great, however it appears that the employees may need a makeover as well.

Not a happy customer Read More
9/30/2015 Nissan USA - I bought a new 2015 nissan and needed to talk to
I bought a new 2015 nissan and needed to talk to the company about my payment being late. I called three days in a row and no one answered but the recording. I need to talk to someone about the late fee. I was calling about it but one cared to answer the phone. I need someone to call me about this problem. It has cost me $38.oo to call on my daughters cell phone. I think this is wrong.

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9/21/2015 Nissan USA - I bought a used 2011 Nissan Armada and financed it thru Nissan
I bought a used 2011 Nissan Armada and financed it thru Nissan. The vehicle is amazing, but the Financing Department or Nissan Acceptance Motor Corporation sucks as in big time terrible. I paid my vehicle a month ago and until this time I still haven't received my title and the proper lease release form that they slow mail took forever to get it. And also the lease release form wasn't signed either by the corporation that make it unofficial documents to DMV. I almost unable to register my vehicle to a different state due to improper documentation. I have all the documentation that I needed on my end except Nissan failed to provide a proper lean release form and failed to mail my vehicle title. I tried calling them back, but it went straight to automatic call waiting 30 minutes due to the high volume of costumers. If this was the case, I have a second thought of getting another vehicle thru this company again.

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