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11/3/2014 North Face - Buyer beware!!! Purchased a custom jacket -
Buyer beware!!! Purchased a custom jacket - reviewing the order (within 24 hours) noticed the color of the zipper was incorrect. I selected a grey zipper (to match coat) - the picture even showed grey zipper but order showed white zipper which was not correct. Customer service refused any assistance in getting this resolved. Wouldn't do anything. I guess the warehouse is on Mars and they have no communication open to them. Their suggestion??? Do a charge back with my credit card company. Now wouldn't it have been easier to just notify the warehouse of the discrepancy? Don't get it! So just beware - if you place an order and there is any discrepancy - you are on your own. Minor issue ...perhaps but when you spend $229 for something - you want what you ordered!

GeriRead More
4/3/2014 North Face - A couple of years ago I purchased a very expensive
A couple of years ago I purchased a very expensive jacket from the north face store at Crabtree mall in Raleigh, nc. I have taken excellent care of the jacket by always washing on gentle cycle and never using the dryer. The zipper recently broke, and I was so disappointed since it is my favorite. I took it to the Taylor, but they said they could not fix it because of the fabric. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

BrendaRead More
12/20/2012 North Face - Hello my name is Janis black I order 2 northface
Hello my name is Janis black I order 2 northface hats from your website
Dec 14 n they were shipped by fed x, fed x left the package outside
N my package was stolen! I spoke with fed x customer service and said
I should contact u guys to get this matter resolved!!

JanisRead More
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